About Dominique Liv Kamal

Dominique August 2014

Dominique grew up in Sydney Australia and comes from a French Australian background. She has spent the majority of her life as a student in natural medicines whilst running her own small business in herbal medicine manufacture, formulating and developments. The Medicineroom Naturopathic Herbal Dispensary is Dom’s passion and she spends most of her working time there enjoying the alchemy of devloping beautiful aromatherapeutic and herbal medicines and body products.

Personally Dom has three sons and enjoys spending time with friends and family. Yoga is a great personal passion and so is writing and reading. Dom enjoys travel and loves cooking, food and all things that involve creativity in the kitchen. This comes from her Swiss Grandmother who taught Dom to cook at a young age. Dom is also a lover of nature and enjoys long walks in the mountains where she lives.

Dom holds a Master of Health Promotion, Graduate Diploma in Health Science, Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) Advanced Diploma Naturopathy, and Diploma in Journalism. She is a qualified Public health advocate, naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and journalist. She is also a Zen THai Shiatsu practitioner and a Kundalini yoga teacher. Please contact Dom if you would like Consultancy in health promotion and health care developments. In the work of health advocacy and health care event organisation it is imperative to have a broad and thorough understanding of the many aspects and genres in health care. Dominique has this understanding with formal academic qualifications as well as a lifelong passion and keen interest in many alternative, traditional and complementary health care practices, principles, ethics and processes.

She is the Author of THE WELLNESS ZONE, now in its second edition. in 2013 she published THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE.

Dominique was announced The Australian Herbalist of the year in 2012 from National herbalist Association of Australia.

Dominique programs health events and assists with promotion of Natural Health care  She writes for various health related media including written, audio and visual offering a contributing voice in the shifting ecology of Australian health culture and is passionate about Herbal Medicine and Folk traditions maintaining their rights globally.

If you would like Dominique to assist you with your events, media or ideas please contact her directly. The mobile 0409765033 is the fastest communication tool. Dom is always happy to chat and assist.

Dominique Liv KamalThe medicines Dominique offers to her patients are all made on the property from local and organic products that she buys from small community ethical growers.


To organise a booking for a consultation with Dominique, more information is available here.

Dominique’s Clinics

Dominique Liv Kamal
There are also clinics along with Dominique’s herbal dispensary most Saturdays at the Eumundi Market. These clinics are open from 7am until 1.30pm and no bookings are necessary. Please check Dom’s mobile phone 0409 765033 which will tell you whether the clinic is operating each week. Sometimes Dominique has conferences to attend on weekends or may be away with her family for some relaxation. Generally she is at the markets most Saturdays during School terms.

The Natural Medicine Helpline service and telephone service is a follow up and support service offered to all Dominique’s patients. Please or phone as required.