Herbs are our First Medicine, Handmade with Love in our Naturopathic Dispensary. Talk with us today for wellness help and herbal care.


Here at The Medicineroom we love to help people with 100% natural Herbal Medicines, Natural Therapies and Body Products. We source all of our base products from local, ethical sources and prefer spray-free and organic ingredients to make you high quality, unique products.

Dominique’s book “The Wellness Zone – Your Guide to Optimal Health”, now in its 2nd edition can be obtained from this site as an ebook, by 100% donation. Learn natural methods to improve and maintain your well being. This book has sold out of two editions and 10,000 copies since it was first published in 2005 with second edition in 2008. The information is timeless and will help you be empowered for greater wellness and optimal health.


Make your clinic appointment today for Maleny private consultations or Skype sessions with Dom. We welcome you to visit our herbal dispensary and make time for your wellness planning with Dom.

Call us on (0409) 765 033 between Tuesday and Saturday to discuss your health care needs and herbal medicine prescriptions. This is also a service free or by donation, your choice.

Let us help you develop optimal Wellness. 

You can make an appointment at the  Clinic with Dom in Maleny by phoning us on (0409) 765 033.

Here is the latest video we made on spring detox strategies. We will be posting regular blogs through this spring season helping you to stay well and detox and cleanse your body. We invite you to join us. Please sign up for our newsletter, blog , you tube channel and get the latest info.


We offer regular Wellness Days with small group sessions to help you achieve results in your health regime.  If you would like to know more, please contact us. You can also subscribe to our newsletters and blogs for up to date info through our signup facility in the right column.


Woodford Folk Festival from Dec 27th Till January 1st

HIGH VIBES ON THE MOUNTAIN January 20th and 21st 2018 at Maleny.

HIGH VIBES ON THE MOUNTAIN is a two day health and wellness collaboration presenting leading pratitioners, therapists and researchers. We provide your platform for  yoga with live music, conscious dance and movement, cooking demonstrations, meditation and wellness professional talks. Come and join us for this innovative and new experience in Maleny town. We are currently taking applications for presenters and also selling early bird tickets for full experience passes. Please share and let us know if you want to be involved. We are providing a platform for community collaboration and enjoyment. Openings for  sponsors and partners are available.  Contact us 0409765033. highvibesonthemountain@gmail.co

Please call us on 0409765033 to discuss any events. Thank you, Dom xox



Our vision is to create and share natural organic, quality herbal medicines and body products made with love and care using our own alchemy and authentic, traditional methods which we constantly strive to develop and nurture on a small scale, personal level.

The Medicineroom was established in 1999 on the Sunshine Coast where the tradition of Free natural health clinics started. We make all our own herbal medicines and body products using local, organic and ethical products.

In 2004 we set up a weekly, Free naturopathic clinic at the world-famous Eumundi markets. This clinic has been running for 12 years. You can come and visit us there most Saturdays. We also offer a private clinic with Dom in Maleny.

Dominique LivKamal is the founder of the Medicineroom and is a constant student, holding qualifications including MHlth Prom, BHSc Complementary Medicine ND, nutritionist, naturopath, Zen Thai Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Medical Herbalist and Health Writer. In 2012, Dominique was awarded The Australian Herbalist of the Year by the National herbalist Association of Australia (NHAA). In 2015, Dominique was awarded as a Fellow of the NHAA. Dom believes that she is truly blessed to be doing this work and knows it is by the grace of goodness. She is dedicated to the process of personal development and optimal wellness for herself and her clients.

We published our first book THE WELLNESS ZONE in 2005 which sold out, with a second edition published in 2009. In 2013, we published our second book THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE.

Please browse the MedicineRoom site for health care information. This site shares information on complementary health care with a special focus on Herbal Medicine and its place in your healing regime.

Dominique’s  book “The Magic of Food as Medicine” is a wonderful compendium of knowledge with recipes and uses of herbs, fruits and vegetables. No kitchen is complete without this book – BUY YOUR COPY ONLINE HERE!

Here is our latest video on wellness recovery techniques. Please subscribe to our new you tube channel LIVKAMAL for the latest news from Dominique.



Medicineroom Products

Dominique’s book “The Wellness Zone – Your Guide to Optimal Health”, now in its 2nd edition can be obtained from this site as an ebook, by 100% donation. Learn natural methods to improve and maintain your well being.


The Wellness Zone Ebooks
Exciting!! You can now buy Dominique’s “The Magic of Food as Medicine” Print Edition and “The Wellness Zonein ebook form by 100% donation – choose from

The Magic of Food as Medicine

The Wellness Zone 2nd Edition (Complete)

Improve your personal health with the invaluable information you can find in these wonderful books!



We are open weekly from Tuesday to Saturday weekly. Call 0409765033 for information and appointments. 

We will be at Eumundi Markets for our free clinics every Saturday .  Call us if you need to find our location. 

If the weather is really wet and crappy, then please call me on (0409) 765 033 and find out if we are at the market. News that we will be at the market will be posted on the mobile on the day of the market and not before due to overnight weather changes. So check the phone on the day.


You can’t get to see me? No worries. Please phone me on (0409) 765 033 to talk or contact me through my email. These are free services and it’s my pleasure to assist you with health care solutions if you want to talk with me directly and are unable to visit personally.


Herbal Postal Service

We offer our wonderful Herbal Postal service for your convenience. Standard postage costs including registered mail anywhere in Australia are $9 for 500grams, $13 for under 3 kg and $18 per 5 kg bag. We charge per bag posted and charge overseas postal rates as per Aust Post.

The Natural Medicine Helpline service and telephone service is a value follow up and support service offered to all Dominique’s patients. Please email or phone (0409) 765 033 as required.

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