Clinical Naturopathy

Clinical Naturopathy

An evidence based guide to practice
Jerome Sarris, Jon Wardle
Churchill Livingstone Elsevier ISBN 978-0-7295-3926-5

The trend of naturopathy is clearly heading towards an evidence based model. This guide is a fabulous outline and resource for students, practitioners, researchers and academics to use as an integrative clinical substantiation in a reader friendly format.

The time is ripe for such a text combining expertise with evidence based research in clinical practice . The book is detailed throughout with part A outlining naturopathic clinical skills. This includes case taking and diagnostic techniques using evidence based practice. Part B explores naturopathic treatment protocols for a wide range of medical conditions in admirable detail starting with the gastrointestinal system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, endocrine system, female reproductive system, musculoskeletal system, integumentary system, urogenital system .Each section is very precise with evidence based practice models and also regimes with naturopathic medicines. There are extensive references and the section is enhanced with the use of tables, diagrams and protocol trees to help the reader access information quickly and effectively.

Part C of this comprehensive text discusses the specialised clinical conditions of autoimmunity and cancer giving the reader a detailed model of care for these conditions that are unable to be treated by the category of the systems they effect. The overview, aetiology, environmental factors, mechanisms that effect the condition and risk factors are all detailed followed by conventional treatments , key treatment protocols and naturopathic treatemt aims. Diet is also discussed in detail. Part D is focused on clinical naturopathy across the life cycle with details about paediatrics, fertility, preconception care and pregnancy through to ageing and cognition. Part E is all about integrative naturopathic practice treating bipolar disorder, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, human immunodeficiency virus, and goes into detail about polypharmacy and pain management.

There are extensive appendices with a herb drug interaction chart, chemotherapy drugs and concurrent complementary treatments, food sources and nutrients, laboratory reference values, factors effecting nutritional status, taxonomic cross reference of major herbs, traditional chinese medicines including the six evils, tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis and finally the book concludes with a systemic review of herbal immunomodulators. The index is impressive and there are over 4000 references in the.text. It has been immaculantly compiled by these two wonderful Authors with the help of specific contributors to each section who have worked so beautifully that the book is a credit to everyone involved.

Seasoned therapists will benefit from such a chunky load of evidence based practice which can be incorporated into individual treatment protocols to enhance clinical outcomes. For conventional health care providers and allied health professionals this book will delight you with insights to naturopathic treatments and choices that can be referred to your patients with confidence that integrative medicine and naturopthic evidence based practices are now highly professional and trustworthy in the developing model of a integrated health care system. For naturopaths, herbalists and traditionally nature cure based practitioners this book will enhance your understanding of conventional protocols and give you a strong evidence based guide to practice allowing deeper integration with patient and professional relationships.

This book brings together the ideal of integrative medicine in an evidence based practice and makes it a practical reality for anyone interested in following a wonderfully well researched and written piece of work. The dream of integrative medicine has been written in this book and can be used by all sectors of the health care profession to enhance understanding and patient outcomes with naturopathic evidence based clarity. A fantastic book and must have educational tool for students and highly experienced professionals alike, another “must have” reference for your library.

Review by Dominique Finney, BHsc ND
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