Hinton Health

Hinton Health

How to Achieve and Maintain a Lifestyle for Health and Happiness
By Kevin and Katy Hinton
2010 Double K Pty Ltd
ISBN 978-0646533148

Hinton HealthDedicating a book to Kenneth S. Jaffrey who was born in 1909, a revered health educator of nature cure, is a good start to this review. Kevin and Katy Hinton both spent many years under his direct influences which has developed into a unique and practical book showing simple and efficient health care solutions. Bringing back into our public eye the importance of Nature Cure for health. The Hintons are well placed to write this work as they have taken over the nature cure role as health educators assisting many people in prevention and recovery of illness through their naturopathic practices since the 1970’s. The aim of this book is to help the reader re-discover the simple principles of natural living and natural healing.

The book advocates Education not medication and this involves making use of mother nature’s cures such as living foods, air, water, sunlight, exercise, rest and relaxation, mental poise and spinal integrity. The book is very much about natural living to be healthy.

The 180 page text is divided into Two sections – “Natural Living” and “Natural healing”. The first section is the most comprehensive and divided by elements instead of traditional chapters. With the first element “Living Foods” discussing the law of unity, natural foods, chemicals and additives, alternatives, the human diet, what to eat and how much, raw juice fruits, fruit factors, vegetables, starches, proteins, what should we eat?, when should we eat? The no breakfast plan, times to eat and not, digestion, vegetarian versus meat eating, social justice, economics, a long long life, it’s in vogue, recipes with a link to the web site, and conclusion. The Hintons are advocating their own style of health care which is simply written in an easy to understand format.

The second element of this section one is about “Air” The opening statement is ” Life is breathing, Life is air”. This part of the book is a reminder that breathe is the key to life. The topic covers air time, breathisms, air waves, how to breathe, rhythmic and diaphragmatic breathing, movement and breathing, air it out, cultural significance, full of air. This is followed by “Water” where the nature cure philosophies are detailed. This includes, water droplets, the taste test, water is the basis for life, water intake, water in water out, not 8 glasses per day please, water wise, fluoridation, hydrotherapy practices. This is all getting back to the basics and a good opportunity for the reader to assess your own water uses and how they are benefiting your health.

Element four in section one is all about “Sunlight”. Starting with Sanitariums of light, sun spots, light vs heat, effects of sunlight, observable phenomena, how to take a sun/light bath, the earth is the sun’s partner, light at the end of the tunnel. This part of the book debunks myths that sun is dangerous and shows how important sun is in our lives.

These first four elements in section one are all gently persuading the reader to observe the natural elements of living foods, air, water and sunlight and going back to nature for health care solutions, starting with the most important basic and accessible philosophies.

“Exercise” is the next element. The purpose of exercise, exercise for play and purpose, recommended exercises, do it now, amount of exercise, exercise and breathing go hand in hand, therapeutic exercises. This element advocates that if you do not find time for exercise, then you will later need to find time for illness. Once again the Hintons’ have been simple in explanation and logical in conclusions and benefits of exercise for good health. The next element in section one discussed is ” rest and relaxation” starting with rest and energy , types of rest, physical and physiological/digestive rest, mental rest, this element discusses the need for many different types of rest and how to develop a rest plan. “mental poise” is the next element in this ever practical resource book. Nature cure teaches and assists the reader in finding your own solution to problems through analysis and choice. This includes focus on positive states of mind and also references to other books and health care solutions. Next the Hintons’ discuss “Spinal Integrity” revealing the causes of spinal problems, and inversion. They believe that a healthy spine is important for good health.

Section two “Natural healing” is a ten page summary of their philosophies, ideas and practices about self healing, sickness in real time, healing explained in biological terms, and the end of natural healing. This is followed by an epilogue, references, glossary of terms, the laws on which we stand, acknowledgments, testimonials, and a final page about the authors.

All up this book presents a picture of health which is often lacking in our modern lifestyle. It is traditional in approach, bringing the reader back to a self responsible reality about clean foods, air, water and lifestyle habits. There is a sense of timelessness with this work because of this simplistic approach and this is free to all for the commitment of a nature cure philosophy. An enjoyable read and a book that you can read once, apply aspects that suit you and then reread time and time again

© Dominique Finney May 2011.