Regaining Wellbeing

I have battled with an autoimmune illness for several years. This illness causes the myelin sheath, which covers the nerves, to demyelinate or peel off. The symptoms include joint pain, muscle pain body tightening and inflexibility, along with much else. I also have symptoms similar to chronic fatigue. I have always been very independent and self sufficient. This illness has robbed me of that, as well as necessitating me taking large periods of time off work. This in turn threatens my financial independence due to lack of income as well as incurring escalating medical expenses. The conventional medical prescriptions have very serious long term detrimental effects on the body.

During my experience with this illness, I have explored many avenues of treatment in an effort to regain my life. Recently I was introduced to Dominique Finney of the Medicine Room at Eumundi markets, when she was interviewed on television reviewing her book “The Wellness Zone”. As a result I have undertaken herbal treatments from Dominique over the last few weeks. The results have been very dramatic. After a seven month lay off from work I am now in the process of returning and will be back to my full time capacity within a couple of weeks. Most of my pain has been eliminated as has my high levels of fatigue. It feels like a “go” switch has been turned on and I am feeling the best I have for a long time. In all the different treatments I have undertaken, this has been the most effective by far. Never once have I felt like I have been judged a malingerer or exaggerating. Dominique has given me total support and encouragement to regain my well being. I am exulting in feeling well and virtually pain free.

– Annie, Queensland