Sleep Well Formula

At the age of only 25, I have spent the last few years dealing with many female problems such as polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis, I suffer from severe teeth grinding and more recently have been diagnosed with major depression. I have been told many things by many doctors, but after being told that I needed to go on antidepressants …. I knew I needed to explore another alternative as I didn’t want to become dependant on antidepressants. The stress in my life had taken over and swallowed up the person who I used to be.

My mum and I were at the Eumundi Markets and mum said “just go and talk to that lady about your problems, maybe she can help”. I have to admit I was skeptical since I had been given the run around by so many doctors. I bought some of Dom’s sleep well formula and started to see results with improved sleep patterns. I then decided to make an appointment and have a one on one consultation with Dom to explore ways to assist with some of my other problems … more specifically the depression. Dom has given me a wonderful blend suited to my needs and I honestly started seeing results within a week.

The old me was coming back. My mind was clearer, I was happier, sleeping better, more positive … I knew I was coming out of the awful slump I had been in for so long! My teeth grinding has also settled right down. I cannot thank Dom enough for the help she has given me, she has saved me from the negative, sad and depressed person that I had become.

– Bree, Queensland.