The Wellness Zone Now Available!

Wellness Zone*Available Now! The Wellness Zone!*

Local Sunshine Coast Herbalist Dominique Finney’s new book of herbal wellness, “The Wellness Zone” is now available. It’s your guide to optimal health, including herbal medicines and ageless remedies. Only $28.95!

This is one of the best wellness natural health books I have read for long time. The Wellness Zone is guide to optimal health using simple techniques that could change your health status for the better, for the much better! Learn how to delay the onset of genetic and environmental illness. Simple strategies can make the difference between abundant energy with a vibrant lifestyle and chronic illness. Herbal medicines and ageless remedies are literally everywhere. Wherever you are, you have the tools with you to make a difference. If you live in some other part of the World, Dominique’s great wellness book can be purchased online at

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