Thrush Free

I have battled with vaginal thrush since I was in my early 20’s, I tried tablets, creams you name it. One day I was at the Eumundi markets with my mother and we walked past the Medicine Room stand. My mother said, “Go talk to the lady”. I said, “No, she is just some hippy trying to sell her potions, I am not wasting my money”. Like with all mothers, my mother won and there I was waiting for Dominique to mix me up a potion.

I took it home and after my mother calling every day to take the potion in the bottle, I tried it. Once I started I thought well I might as well give it a go, nothing else worked. Well, one bottle lead to another bottle then by the end of the third bottle and a small diet change (Dominique request) I have NEVER suffered from thrush again. I stopped taking the mixture on 4/11/05 (I remember the date as it’s the date I bought the Wellness zone (everyone should have one)), and today 10/6/07 I am still thrush free.

I am now seeking Domique assistance for infertility and I hope it has the same positive results as the thrush mixture did.

– Corinne, Bracken Ridge