Woodford 2010

Woodford Folk Festival 2010 – Folk Medicine

Folk medicine at Woodfordia has developed into its own health retreat experience. A festival within a festival you can start you day in the Village green to meditate, yoga, tai chi, sound heal, laugh and welcome your day. Make your way to The Blue Lotus and listen to the cutting edge research, the latest trends and hear the experts share their amazing work on health care reform and practices. This year we are so privileged again to present our program. We have 71 performance slots for you to enjoy and we have taken the program travelling through grass roots healing culture to the most current research trends blended then together in a kaleidoscope of harmony.

The program is divided between two venues. The BLUE LOTUS which is our traditional home. This venue has a presentation at 8am each morning and again from 12 mid day through to 6pm. There is dancing, forums, discussions, presentations, workshops and it’s a feast of beautiful healthy topics. We have Shamanism, academics, professors, Doctors, Naturopaths, traditional healers, therapists and researchers.

The Village Green is an outdoor venue and is so gorgeous as the day begins from 6am with Tai Chi, various styles of yoga, meditations, laughter workshops, sound healing and music to create your own healing experience. This runs until 11am each morning. Every day is different, diverse and divine!

Each day at 5pm Folk medicine winds up with our Woodforum, Dr John Parker is our host and moderator and we promise you a good time. We have picked the hottest topics. It seams everyone’s into MEDITATION, so we have the experts in a panel sharing with you their secrets, THE POLITICS OF MEDICINE will open a your mind with the latest reforms, initiatives and ideas. Do you have NATURAL HEALTH CARE? The panel in this forum all live amazingly naturally healthy lives and they will talk with us about how you can achieve that too. MIND GAMES Forum brings together an eclectic panel of people who all have strong ties with mind health and your options. BIRTHING YOUR WAY opens the flood gate of birthing choices, rights and how you can have a say in this current whirlwind of debate. And YOUR VOICE IN THE HEALTH WILDERNESS ties it all together with knowing your rights, your opportunities and understanding what is actually going on in the wilds of health care! These are interactive audience participation forums and there’s no better place at 5pm each day than the Blue Lotus.

Thank you, Dominique Finney and Ingrid Hauritz

Here are the 2010 Folk Medicine presenters. Please look on your program for times and details of presentations and workshops.

Andy Copeman and Laurel Guided meditations and the healing musical journey bringing the wisdom of plants, animals, birds, rocks and rivers into live music with elements of Celtic, Eastern, and Middle Eastern cultures and beyond. Cittern, guitars and fiddle are combined with looping, beats and effects and exquisite projected video. Andy and Laurel will perform in The Village green and also have a transformative Shamanism drumming mediation in The Blue Lotus.

Anna Russell Anna is a Sydney doula and childbirth educator with a passion for quality women-centered care and informed choice. She is the project manager and joint business partner in the creation of NSW’s first free-standing privately funded birth centre, due to be operational pending regulation changes to be made by NSW Health. Anna has been invited to join the Birthing your way forum.

Bikram Yoga Hot yoga on a summer’s day in Australia is a little like hot yoga on a summer’s day in India. Sweat, stretch, get fit, calm your mind, welcome your body to another amazing festival day with a little help from our wonderful Bikram yoga team led by Roxanne Giles. Also make your way to The Blue lotus to listen to the health benefits talk on this style of yoga. It’s HOT!

Dance is my Therapy This is the beautiful Chakra dance therapy with Kirsty Fromholtz a Sydney based dance therapist. Explore the therapeutic benefits of dance for body, mind and spirit. With the energy of amazing original live music, expect the unexpected as no two workshops are ever the same. Dance to Discover – Dance to Express – Dance to Heal.

Donna Thordarson This creative, dynamic & liberating session awakens a totally new bodily experience. Combining physical energy with compassionate mindful guidance to enable deep postures to evolve into profound life changes. She offers a unique rhythmic style, drawing her inspiration from exploring a diverse range of yoga styles over the years, in particular and most recently Shiva Rae’s evolutionary Prana Flow.

Dr Carole Hungerford has been invited to participate in our forum, your voice in the health wilderness. Dr Hungerford is a world leader in nutritional and environmental medicine. She is also presenting in the Blues and roots venue as part of the Radiance program.

Dr Jacqueline Boustany is a medical doctor with a Diploma in Pediatrics and has a Master’s in Public Health and a passion for nutritional and emotional health. Her dream is to bridge the two worlds of mainstream and complementary health and in particular. Learn why simple feelings are the key to the true you! Using the basics of energy medicine and quantum physics added with emotional intelligence, Dr Jacqueline Boustany will guide you back to your being.

Dr Jerome Sarris Jerome’s journey has taken him from studying yoga, instructing and living in Glastonbury, practicing as a naturopath and acupuncturist, to currently researching, lecturing and publishing in the area of complementary and integrative medicine and mental health. He is a co-editor of Clinical Naturopathy, a landmark naturopathic text which he will discuss with co author Jon Wardle in our program.

Dr John Parker Brings his expert mediating skills along to folk medicine each afternoon to host our traditional Woodforums. He will enhance each person’s perspective with his unique style of moderating and entertain you with some educational insights as well as encourage the forum to be absolutely awesome.

Dr Lesley Braun Pharmacist and a naturopath in Australia and completed a PhD at RMIT investigating Complementary Medicines in Victorian hospitals. She currently lectures and tutors at Monash University and RMIT. She is a Research Fellow within the Department of Surgery, Monash University (Alfred Hospital) and is involved in conducting clinical trials using complementary medicine approaches on the hospital wards. Two presentations in Folk medicine will enlighten you to the truth about integrative medicine and also learn the low down on oncology today and how to use natural therapies with other treatments.

Giggle Girl Robyn Smartt Laugh your way to health. Robyn’s guidance takes you into your heart to experience the lightness, joy and healing power that laughter causes, letting you freely embrace and express your own humor, whilst inhibitions fly away and joy, madness and hilariousness erupt. Laughter is the medicine of life. Join the village green giggle laughter sessions for a fun filled and very entertaining session.

Health Holistic Partner yoga is one of our favorite sessions as Lisa Johnson and Cheng Teo specialise in their own unique brand of partner yoga. Join the girls at the Village Green every second morning for a mix of yoga techniques. This is a standing series, no need to bring a partner, you can find one there.

Ian Cameron has been practicing and teaching Tai Chi for many years. Did you attend his morning Tai Chi classes last year in the Village Green? If so Ian is attending the festival again for your morning wakes up.

Jane Hutton works as a narrative therapist and mental health social worker in private practice. Her degree in social work and 25 years’ experience gives her a strong interest in social justice and how culture shapes our experience of ourselves, others and life. Join Jane as she explains why it’s great to be yourself! Why it’s wonderful to be an individual and how happy you can be when you are not lost in normality. A wonderfully educational and entertaining presentation.

Jane Lindsay is a registered Homeopath from the UK. Homeopathy offers a safe, gentle alternative to Health & Well being for all the family from cradle to grave. For many its process can be very profound & transformative; facilitating reflection on formed patterns of behavior & life values, commencing a journey of discovery & revelation of true self & inner essence & vitality. Thus the road to wholeness & wellness opens up. And, she has with her the Orchid essences from the Isle of Mann! Yes … very exciting presentations here!

Jon Wardle is a practicing naturopath and a researcher at the School of Population Health at the University of QLD. This unlikely combination has helped Jon become an internationally recognised expert on complementary medicine and conventional health policy. Jon draws on the best of both these fields to explore innovative solutions to today’s health problems. He is presenting twice in our program and sharing with you issues of food distributions, trading and safety as well as getting into the details of his recently published text book with Dr Jerome Sarris.

Michel and Jude Fanton coordinates The Seed Savers’ Network in Byron Bay. Together they have published three bestselling books. Travelling extensively in Third World countries to train and consult on the establishment and extension of community-based conservation systems for food plants, always with a biodiversity slant, they have a passion for exploring our ability to be healthy through gardening and natural foods.

Julie Allan has worked for many years with community groups both nationally and internationally on mental wellness and happiness within the community. She sits on many boards and advocates that mental wellness with one’s community will be available as timing determines its emergence. Julie has been invited to join the Mind Games Forum.

Karl Farren From Dublin, Karl became involved in Oriental Medicine in 1989 after some years training in Kung Fu. More recently, Karl has taught Chinese Medicine theory and Shiatsu at The Way College of Oriental Therapies and Bodywork, Byron Bay, NSW. Karl is currently in private practice in Mullumbimby and brings us some traditional and effective approaches to health care.

Kathyrn Alexander Naturopath and Gerson therapist, Kathryn is an internationally acknowledged expert in detoxification and dietary healing. She has over 20 years’ international experience and has lectured across the USA, UK and Australia. She is a widely published and will be sharing with us her techniques and insights into the Gerson therapy.

Katrina Smith has been practising yoga for 13 years and teaches Sivananda yoga on the Gold Coast. She runs workshops and retreats teaching people how to use the Art Of Yoga Cards for developing a personal yoga practice at home. Katrina believes the deeper rewards of yoga are gained by developing a home practice that you can incorporate in your daily life.

Kevin and Katy Hinton are renowned Natural Health Educators and Advocators who have assisted a broad range of people to re-invigorate their lives through common-sense Natural Health practises. They are trusted advisors to many in the corporate world in Australia and North America who recognise the life-improving value of Natural Health habits. Their experience reveals that adopting Natural Health habits helps drive successes in other areas of life.

Kevin James Heart Songs Weaving together ancient mantras from various traditions with Kevin’s own songs of hope and freedom, Kevin and Mel invite you to sing together as an effective platform to dissolve the ego, reconnect to the heart and cocreate a positive vibration for yourself and the world.

Linn Wiggins is one of Australia’s leading Bush Flower essence trainers and advocates. She is a herbalist who travels the world teaching people the beautiful medicine that is Australian Bush Flower essences.

Menny Monahan As a counselor Menny’s personal development training ranges through all sectors of the community. Placing her in the observers chair Menny is able to assist people see whats really going on and helps manifest positive outcomes and great health results from understanding the true perspective. Menny has been invited to join the Mind games forum.

Mukti Through her extensive research and experiences Mukti is coming to Folk Medicine to share with you the importance of men’s health care. What’s in your skin care? Mukti’s formulations are unique, original and many have tried to copy her clean, botanique style that has taken her global. You will see in the presentation why she is so well researched and successful.

Natural Birth and Natural Parenting ‘Natural birth and natural parenting, good for the family, good for the planet.’Acclaimed international speaker and author Dr. Sarah Buckley, natural birthworker, educator and author Jenny Blyth and film-maker Alieta Belle present their fresh perspectives and vast collective wisdom on natural birth and parenting. Explore how best to achieve it, and make conscious choices as experts of your bodies, babies and families.

Raelene Byrne is one of Australia’s foremost specialist energetic healers and facilitators. Her work involves global travel integrating cultural traditional healing techniques and facilitating personal development through this exchange of energies. Crystal bowls, stones, breathe work, meditation, vibrational and frequency techniques are developed and presented in our Folk medicine Program for your enjoyment.

Rak Razam is a freelance writer, media provocateur and a founding editor of Undergrowth, Australia’s leading online counterculture arts and literature magazine. In 2006 Razam visited Peru on a feature magazine assignment to see what the almost mythical archetype of the shaman was really like in the 21st century. The result is AYA: a Shamanic Odyssey, a unique spiritual adventure that documents the archetypal Western quest, propelling the reader on a cosmological-travel-memoir into the jungles of South America and the psychic landscapes of Amazonian shamanism.

Rob Santich One of Australia’s leading herbalists, Rob has been in clinical practice for 25 years. He brings his expertise in fermentation techniques and his experiences as a regular visitor to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota USA to take part in Lakota ways and to study the local herbal medicines.

Robin Clayfield and Amrita Hobbs These vibrant women are international trainers, authors and creative facilitators. Their innovative work influences the lives of thousands of people around the world with a focus on building conscious community and empowering deep change. Their interactive approach always weaves magical connections.

Robyn Ramsay Robyn is a published writer, counselor, presenter, marriage celebrant and avid, ‘conscientious traveler’, recently returning to Maleny after six months on a canal boat in France. Robyn has led a full and rich life working and travelling abroad, absorbing the stories and ways of diverse cultures. She is passionate and dynamic in supporting different causes.

Simone Mathews Developer and creative force behind ‘Universal Life Tools’, Simone Mathews has researched and developed her own unique form of healing and health practices using such assistants as angels, crystals, positive energy and collective consciousness. Simone works extensively educating and developing new courses and nurtures her students with The Wave of Love philosophy sharing her universal message of self healing and peace.

Soul Fire A creative musing relationship between Alora Waldron and Brian Cramp, their passion is to provide intimate spaces to enrich and nurture the sacred within all of us; restoring you to a natural state of being that is in harmonious relationship with all. Combining their love of beauty through music, poetry, voice, sound, movement, art, colour, nature and photography they provide a unique opportunity to experience a deep sense of stillness and beauty.

Zen Thai Yoga Gwyn Williams has founded a unique form of therapy integrating healing arts from the East and the West to bring freedom back to the structural and energetic bodies. This year in Folk medicine he will offer classes in the Village green and also present a demonstration in the Village green with live music from Kevin James Heart song!

Make Time every day for your own health experience at Woodfordia.

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