The Art of Healing Magazine Review

The Wellness Zone
The Wellness Zone is an absolutely jam-packed, comprehensive ‘bible’ of information, a fantastic resource book. The writer, Dominique Finney, is a well-recognised Australian natural therapist who is passionate about herbs and well-being achieved through natural means. As Dominique says

“Health is an experience that you either choose consciously or you ignore and go along with life, until one day it fails you and you question how your body did this to you? In The Wellness Zone Dominique shows us how easy it is to incorporate preventative health practices into our daily lives and how to
determine our personal health zone – ‘your starting point for a healthier tomorrow’.

Catherine Mercer, Editor, The Art Of Healing Magazine, Byron Bay, Australia.

The Wellness Zone AUS $28.95 (incl. GST)

AUTHOR: Dominique Finney Postage: AUS $8.00
PUBLISHER: DOM isbn0-646-44008

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