Super final sell out of practitioner supplements products until sold out!


for my blog today I want to let you know that the medicineroom will no longer be stocking commercial practitioner only medicines from  Bioceuticals or Metagenics. This decision has been made because we plan to develop our beautiful hand made ranges and no longer wish to represent any other commercial companies whom we do not have a direct partnership in either research and development or formulation.
The products I have in stock will all go out at extremely cheap prices so email me  if you want some.
Currently we have stocks of:
magnesium powders and tablets mag 300gram $40 , 150 gram $15 mag tabs $15
DHA EPA fish oils 120 caps $25
Some childrens liquid fish oil  $10
gorgeous vitamin C drinks $15
multi vitamins 120’s $25
and a few other lines.The medicineroom

When we run out of what stocks we have then we want to let you know that we will not be selling other commercial medicines any more.

This will free up our resources to develop our own lines. I have some really exciting ideas in the pipeline.

If you are one of my patients and want to continue using these products I recommend that you visit your local health food shop or pharmacy and check out their great ranges of vitamins and minerals. As you know I have only used commercial medicines for supplements in magnesium , fish oils, vitamins and a rare few combos if they take my fancy, like amino acid combinations.  The market in Australia has a high standard of regulation and I can assure you that the products you will find in your local shop are seriously tested and good. The bioceuticals and metagenics lines that we have been stocking are available in many of these shops too. They will be found behind the counter in the practitioner area.

So, now we can concentrate on our speciality, which is the gorgeous organic herbal medicines we make exclusively for our patients. Thats where we excell and we also excell in the gorgeous handmade herbal skin balms and nectars we make. These are the areas we love helping you with and we also can discuss your nutritional supplement needs and then refer you to your local supplier.

Have a great day , Love Dom xoxo