Ginger one of my favorite winter warmers. Zingiber Officinale

I just love Ginger and this week its really wintery and cold outside. So, I have devised a “Ginger” schedule during my busy days in the dispensary. We have been extracting herbs, thats hard physical work and I just love it. Alex has been helping me and this is our Ginger plan.

A few months ago we stocked up on as much fresh green ginger from Michael our Organic Ginger supplier here on the Sunny coast. We decided to extract whole green ginger this time instead of just the root like we traditionally do. So, we have extracted “Fresh green ginger extract” for the first time. Its sweeter than the root, but the super hot special gingery flavor still comes through with as much grunt as usual. This extract is in our Cholesterol and Liver care blend, and also in our Herbal Inflammation care blend for arthritis and pain and its also in our Herbal headache relief blend. And in my berry berry zing antioxidant blend.
I have also been cheeky and add 15ml of this divine extract to a pot of herbal tea for winter warming drinks. Because we have a garden full of fresh mandarins full of vitamin C I am making hot mandarin juice with the green ginger zing. yumm.

Also I just want to say that I have been massaging that Ginger balm into my spine and shoulders now for a few weeks a couple of times a day. Ok, I’m working on the new book and uni has ended for the semester, so there has been some extra stress with extra work loads. The Cinger, white grapefruit and geranium herbal skin balm is beautiful, I’m also partial to it being massaged into my feet at night as I curl on the lounges with a glass of wine.

Have a great Zingiber officinale week and please enjoy my you tube clip I made about this great winter warming herb.
Lots of love Dom

Yummy Herbal Skin Balms and Ginger is my current favorite