Heart Care. Good herbal options for you to reduce risk factors and be healthy.

Here is the clip I made to tell you about HEARTCARE which is an integrative cardiovascular care program for women.
If you are interested in some great herbal care then talk with me and I can help you.

There are great evidence based reviews to supportHerbal medicine in risk factor reduction for cholesterol care, stress, high blood pressure and obesity that have all been shown to contribute to CVD.

The GO RED FOR WOMEN program is a great initiative from The National Heart foundation of Australia and America. However I think there is room for herbals to be used by you to help reduce your risk factors.

Our herbal Cholesterol and liver care blends are really popular with patients who so not want to take statin drugs. Read in my book THE WELLNESS ZONE about how statins work and you will see from the evidence that herbs are a great alternative and safe to use. We get results with herbs and patients who use them tell me they are getting good reduction in ldl levels in their regular blood tests with the GP.

Its not good enough just to take herbs. You need to balance your transfatty acid ratios to your essential fatty acid ratios and in a dietary sense this means that you need to take flaxseed oil, or a quality and sustainable fish oil. Eat monosaturated fatty acids like olive oil and avocado oil in your diet. Ditch the take away deep fried foods and roast in good oils.

Theres lots of interesting information on this topic. Come along to our free clinic at Eumundi Markets and chat with us. Try our HEARTCARE blend and join the integrative herbal medicine path to good CVD risk reduction tactics.
Love Dom xoxo

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