Some great winter tips for wellness

lovely lemonsSo, this week’s blog follows a very busy time talking with you about coughs, colds, flus, head colds, runny noses, sore throats and all that respiratory tract stuff that goes with the onset of winter.

Here are some of my favorite tips for fast relief.
1.TAKE A GOOD HERBAL BLEND At the very onset of a sore throat take some of our awesome and amazing cough , cold and flu relief. Then keep taking it for a few days. Some of my favorite herbal extracts for winter are thyme, sage, andrographis, liquorice root, echinacea, olive, paw paw, nettle, chamomile and cats claw. Herbal extracts are best taken at 15ml doses every two hours when you are in an acute situation ( for an average sized adult) . herb tes are also very refreshinga nd help you get well faster.
2. LOOK AFTER YOURSELF WELL Rug up, warm head, warm feet, warm neck, and when you rug up make sure you have massaged yourself with our super awesome peppermint and chamomile herbal skin balm. A mental and emotional treat when you are feeling a bit fluey, and also it really helps relieve the symptoms, and increase circulation. Massage this balm into your lymphatics under the arms, all through the front of your chest down to the bottom of the rib cage and also get your loved ones to massage it across your back, shoulders and neck.
3.MASSAGE GOOD OILS INTO YOUR SKIN If you are feeling down and your head is feeling fluidy, you might be coughing, you might have a runny nose, then have a hot shower every five hours around the clock. Yes, thats the plan, a hot shower and breathe in that steam. Then massage in the peppermint balm, or if you are feeling more adventourous try our Ginger, white grapefruit and geranium balm. or some people I know love the chilli , hypericum and gotu kola balm for the same reasons. Massage into the same areas I mentioned for the peppermint balm in tip number 2.
4.REST AS MUCH AS YOU CAN Close the doors and rest. sleep, make some light soups and just rest, rest, read, read, sleep, rest. You get it. Just make some time to rest. There is a sad belief that if you just keep going then you will eventually get better. The truth is that if you have reasonable rest then you will get better faster. Rest your mind . body and digestion. Eat lightly too.
5. LEMONS ARE GREAT Make your favorite drink Lemon and honey and lots of it. Drink the juice of one lemon squeezed in a cup and filled with hot water and honey to taste. You can add chilli, ginger, salt or herbs to this drink. Its the number one flu food. Vitamin C in powder form is so good to help sweep toxins, viruses from the body. Taking a decent dose of vitamin C through the day really helps you get well faster too. The super antioxidant properties of Vitamin C are well needed in your body in the winter. In fact its a great preventative vitamin to take daily.
6. THE OLD ONION POULTICE TRICK AGAIN Onion poultices, yes, you knew I would say that one didn’t you! The onions sulphur fumes ( for lack of a better term) will be breathed into your nose, head and lungs and really work in the same way as antibiotic medicines do. This is the ultimate way to clear your head of mucous, breathe freely again. It is also natures answer to clearing your lungs of viruses, toxins, fluid and illnesses. This is a great remedy and one often rejected by my patients. However when you try it, you will be a convert and you will stop coughing, have an eased sore throat, feel better and heal much much quicker than you would have. In fact, I can say that this remedy has stopped many people from developing deeper illnesses of the lungs and head cold when taken quickly and used for the duration of the flu. watch this old you tube I made a few years ago about immunity and winter health. its full of good tips.

Have a great day and look after yourself. the first sign of a cold needs to be gratefully respected and you need to take action. Remember we make some gorgeous herbal medicines and skin balms that can help you stay well. Talk with me today and we can formulate a blend to suit your winters needs.