Yummy winter warmers lemony vego soup

Winter Veges are so yummy in soups.

Winter Warmers are so yummy

Its so cold here this week and I wanted to share with you some yummy winter warmer ideas. Soup is so easy on a cold day and you can make a healthy and hearty soup in less than an hour.

Soup that is nurturing and not high in fat, its vego, gluten free and almost fat free.

Take whatever fresh veges you have available and clean well, peel off skins and chop to desired size and pop in large saucepan with a little coating of olive oil. Pan fry while stirring well for ten minutes. Now pour a jug of boiling water to cover the veges, add 2 tablespoons honey, one cup lemon juice and salt and spices to taste. Simmer for half an hour and you have a delish and healthy soup thats nurturing and low in fat.
You can add freshly chopped raw herbs at the end , mint, corriander, basil , fresh kale or what greens you have available are a gorgeous addition.
I often add in some fresh chilli, fish sauce, slices of pan fried fresh seafood, chicken or tofu depending on your dietary requirements and your
Love Dominique