Berry berry good tips to keep weight off after a diet!

Staying Healthy after you have lost weight is difficult for many people.  However, you can be successful with my herbal tips that are effective and achievable today. 

I have all too often heard about yo yo experiences and people losing weight really well and then gaining a lot of it back again within six months. There are some really effective and easy  ways to lose weight these days, and lets face it, we all want to be slim and trim.

Finding your optimal weight is more than adjusting your Body mass index (BMI) it goes way beyond a tape measure to see whether you are less than 80cm around the waist! Healthy weight is at almost any size. But, not any size. There is a point where lifestyle is compromised and risk factors for cardiovascular disease ( CVD) diabetes, and other environmental illnesses makes it a MUST DO! to lose weight.

However , it’s one thing to lose weight.

Its another game keeping it off. 

And, here my friends, is where my patients excell. Naturopathically, with scales, with the same dog dammed determination you had to lose the weight. The next phase is just as important. Its called Keeping it off , and we shall discuss the metaoblic reset process.

Don’t even bother going on  a diet if you don’t plan to spend the same amount of time at the end resetting your metabolism to the new weight. You are wasting your time. If you want to diet for three months to lose the weight, expect to reset for three months to keep it off.


Here are my HOT tips on how to keep the weight off. 

1. While on the weight loss diet, whatever it is , high protein, low carb, calorie restriction, homeopathic drops, hormonal injections, fasting, cleansing, detoxing, exercise based. You need to take my special blend of herbs containing Maqui berry, turmeric, asparagus and kelp extracts at 30ml per day. This helps as a super antioxidant, antinflmmatory, kidney support and metabolism booster.

While you are losing the weight, you need to do the daily water push, where you have one session of drinking one whole litre of water at once and then letting it push through your body and remove excess toxins, fats and debris. You also need to ensure that you drink two glasses of water or herb tea each hour.

2. After you have reached goal weight you need to reintroduce foods slowely and stay on a low carb diet for the same amount of time that you were losing weight. and stay on the herb blend. its a constant stabaliser and your body will recognise this. You also need to keep up the two glasses of water or herb tea each waking hour too. this keeps everything flowing nicely and also retains a stable practice that your body will recognise.

3. You need to reset your metabolim at the new weight. You do this by weighting yourself every morning. If you are 1kg above the goal weight ( or the weight you achieved at the end of the diet) then you go on a high protein day for that day and you will find that you will be back at the goal weight the next morning. This is achieved by eating only high protein foods and in small amounts through the day.

4, You need to be strict about all of these things and you will  be successful

Good luck,

Berries are my favorites becase they are high in the super antioxidants that really kill off poisons in the body and also help mobalise fat cells into disintergration.

Turmeric is great because it is an anticancer herb, super antioxdant, liver support and antiinflammatory, it also helps remove excess fluids.

Kelp is perfect because it resets the metablism in conjunction with your other practices, is high in iodine and is a macrphage eating away toxins, not to mention the fact its a heavy metal destroyer to cells.

Asparagus is great because it supports the kidneys, it help with hormones and its perfect for your blood.

Blueberry, mulberry, maqui berry, these are my favorites.

and you will see the difference in your weight loss after the event successes. Herbs are so amazing for that. Its all a process and you need to be committed to do it.


the best way to keep your health optimal is to have a reasonable diet of natural unprocessed foods,

be moderate in all things you eat and be moderate in all exercise you do,

Be open to new experiences in life on all levels and keep your eye on the scales. Forget all that stuff about throwing out the scales. Keep them in the bathroom and when you go over a certain point act quickly to reset and go back again. This is because the trend statistically is that weight will continue to be gained when we eat a western diet and live a western lifestyle.

So, good luck. and have a great day

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with love Ms Dom Finney