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Hello lovelies,


today for my blog I’ve taken a section from the 2nd edition of THE WELLNESS ZONE to look at blood sugar ballance.  I have also added some of my thoughts and some great tips on how to have optimal blood sugar balance.

I spoke with a lovely man this morning about this topic and thought that lots of people would be interested in knowing about herbs and blood sugar balance. To understand the process of how your body deals with this and to be able to be proactive in ensuring the ballance. Diabetes is so common these days, and I think that if we are aware of strategies we can implement as individuals, then we may be able to prevent diabetes in our selves and our loved ones.

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The best herbs fro balancing blood sugar levels are : 

Bitter Melon, The fruit and seeds are used and is a traditional herb for blood sugar balance. Research has shown it to reduce the after meal time blood sugar by up to 50% and is used for both type one and type 2 diabetes,  Locally this is hard to get hold of where I live, however further North in true tropical areas it should grow well. The herbal extract would be the most potent source.

Gymnema is my favorite herb in the dispensary, we extract the fresh organic plant here and I always add 50% in any balance blend. I love Gymnema because it takes away sugar sweet tooth cravings.

It also decreses your appetite and often people with a blood sugar inbalance have difficulty maintaining a normal weight and tend to put on weight easily.  This herb also helps to improve the function of beta cells in the pancreas, so that means you may produce better quality insulin for people leaning towards type two diabetes.

Bilberry leaves are the magic ingredient if you want to help reduce blood sugar levels as these contain chronium. I have seen a load of research showing that chronium when taken daily can help reduce blood sugar problems and I advocate that people who lean towards blood sugar inbalances would do better if they take chronium daily. THis helps with glucose tolerance factor.

Galenga also called  goats rue is another one of my prefered herbs in this arena, we extract it here from goregous organic plant stock and it smells so divine. This is a must do herb as its active constituent galegine has hyoglycaemic properties and has led to the production of biomedical biguanide drugs such as metformin which is used to increase the efficiency and sensitivity of insulin. Research has shown that goats rue extract increases the number of beta cells and the size of the islets of langerhans in the pancreas. Thats all good news at our herbal end of medicine. This is another must have I pop in the blood sugar balance blend.

My practical healthy tips are :

1. eat small meals at regular intervals in the day

2. Carry around a little pot of almonds or macadamia nuts as a snak between meals. Just five nuts twice a day will help keep your energy up

3. Have protein with every meal, about 100 grams three times a day is good. This will help your blood stay strong and also help your energy levels stay boyant whilst decreasing cravings for foos

4. Avoid the sweet stuff most of the time and if you do indulge be prepared for a low swing of energy to follow.

5. Take chronium daily. About 200mcg twice a day before meals. Your local pharmacy or health store will have these, or I can add some bilberry in your blend.

6. Take your herbs 20 minutes before most meals  5 ml per 20 kilo body weight 2 x day.

7. Eat fruit, eat natural carbohydrates and avoid the processed ones as your daily diet. Eg eat brown rice, whole grain pasta, sweet pototoes and starch vegetables, eat honey, eat natural molasses as thats reputed to be very good to help balance blood sugar levels in small amounts. Do not eat white death foods such as white bread, white sugar, white flour , white pasta.

Take good care

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