Tea….. beautiful tea anyone?

Tea.… its a term we use for so many things that we drink. Tea can be black, white, green, herbal or just plain fancy with loads of additions. Tea is soothing, it is nurturing, it is the most consumed beverage in the world in many, many forms. Tea is often the beverage of family, friendship, business and pleasure. Its really the number one drink besides water. I saw a really bad documentary made by Coca cola a few months ago. The marketing manager was saying that there are 600 types of hydration in the world, that is because that company have 600 lines of product. It made me feel sick. Really to think that commercial interests can take over an entire planet and demand through marketing strategies such control on hydration? Yakes….. So, I certainly hope that you don’t think of them when you think of tea… and I also hope that if you ever buy iced tea that you find a nice local, ethical and deliciously naturally flavored one… Or better still make it yourself. Lets increase local trade?

In this Blog, I want to share with you some really nice moments for tea. Just remember that when it comes to tea, ethical, fair trade, sustainable and organic are the key words. To make the most of your tea experience, ( for me anyway) I like to know that the tea I drink is all of these things…. thats the true feel good sensation that goes with all the other benefits of a cup of tea.

In our home, Kev makes tea every morning. It is the first thing we drink when we wake up and its always organic black tea with milk and honey. Kev has a special way of making his tea. He uses those little steel tea bags that clip together filled with our fat leafed organic Australian Black tea that we love so much. It has a light color and a strong flavor, so you can become a little confused until you are accustomed to the taste.. But once you start drinking these styles of black tea you will not return to the powdered paper tea bag varieties.

Later in the day I start on the herbal teas, I am a big fan of our BLUE LOTUS Blend that I developed for the festivals and for sustainability and energy. This blend contains liquorice root, olive leaf and oat straw. Its totally delicious, and certainly doesn’t need any honey to sweeten the liquorice root. I love this blend as I work in the dispensary.

Blue lotus is strengthening, great for adrenal repair, its antimicrobial really nice to keep you healthy in the winter months and its also such a soothing nervine, for calmness and general emotional ballancing. I love to formulate a tea in a way that adds qualities to your day, so that you get the health benefits as well as teh emotional benefits in a tea.

One of my best daily experiences is the beautiful scent and flavor or peppermint tea. I just love peppermint tea , its a great digestive aid, helps deodorise your whole digestive tract, acts as a wonderful calming herb and helps with many illnesses as it strengthens your system. I think that the armoatherapy benefits of peppermint work for me too. When I smell that infusion its just beautiful.

Making herbal teas is really easy at home. Next time you see your local herbalist, ask about what herbs will help you personally and design your own feel good health blend.

Some of my favorites are
chamomile for coughs, babies teething, colic, calming and emotionally supportive
Valerian for sleeping, relaxing and nervous system support
Olive leaf for antimicrobial support, strengthening and energy
Liquorice root for energy, adrenal support, recovery, strength and general health
for digestion, bowel deodorising and general digestive aid.
sage for mental energy, hot flush control and winter support
for coughs, colds and flus
ginseng for energy and adrenal support plus mental clarity
for circulation, coughs, mental clarity and arthritis
Gotu kola arthirtis, venous insufficiency and mental clarity
For calming and soothing tired bodies and minds.

These are just a few herbs that can be made in to delicious teas.
Talk with me today if you want some more information

with love and enjoy your tea
Love Dom xoxo