My top tips for Arthritis sufferers. This information will help you achieve optimal wellness.

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We all strive for optimal wellness. There are some conditions that effect your health in a negative manner that really make me sit up and take stock in absolute appreciation of optimal wellness.

Yes I’m talking about Arthritis. In its many guises, it is a constant throng of pain that can be debilitating  for years on end. I’ve seen evidence that Rheumatoid arthritis has a cycle, somewhat long, thirty or more years. I’ve also seen many times the debilitating effects of wear and tear on bones,  joints, and the effect this has on the nervous system resulting in many lost moments of joy. However, I have seen the beauty of self healing, taking the responsibility to try to be well and enjoying each day to its potential depending on your level of personal suffering.

I have so much respect for my arthritis patients. Without a doubt every single one of you is a patient, strong and non complaining person who gets on with life the best you can whilst living with an avalanche of shifting, adjusting and tight pain.  Often silently screaming behind a braveness that can only be admired. You are self empowered with the tools of tolerance, and knowing that you are your own best doctor, adjusting as you need to the way you deal with it all.

Its my pleasure to help those who are conscious about what they need, well researched and also wanting to do their best and create that optimal health whilst suffering constantly. Well done, you are my heros today. And, I Thank you for using natures first medicines diet and herbs in trust with our relationship together.

My best tips for arthritis sufferers are 

1 Don’t assume. Go and visit your GP and get diagnosed properly. The type of arthritis that you have needs to be known and understood by you so that you can research it, see what has worked for others.

My rationale for this is that knowledge is power with Arthritis. If its the auto immune variety then there may well be underlying causes such as toxicity, coeliacs disease, other auto immune conditions, allergies, environmental factors or emotional triggers. .You need to know and the treatment protocol from me is different. There are some rare yet associated conditions to arthritis when its auto immune, its not all cut and dry, one answer and one solution. Patients with Alkalising spondalytis or rheumatoid arthritis need a different approcah and a different treatment. Each person has the individual treatment protocol that takes all aspects of your life into account and works with your philosophy and lifestyle.

If you have wear and tear osteo arthritis we need to know exactly what has worn, what has deteriorated, what is the bone density, what are the triggers and how to treat them naturally and give you the best options for all aspects of life from exercise, flexibility, diet and coping skills. The last thing you will need is further degeneration , so we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you. The plan of attack here is to minimalise pain, maximise lifestyle and help reduce further deterioration.

In naturopathy, herbalism and nutrition  we have no accurate diagnostic tools for this level of diagnosis. . All the technology money has gone down the bio medical path for obvious reasons of available funding, government lobby and expert services. So Use this system for the diagnosis and then look elsewhere to empower yourself with the process of healing. My advice here is to always ask for copies of all tests taken and share them with me when we talk. This gives us the greatest opportunity to give you the best help possible.

2 Research Research and talk to people. We have the internet, we have amazing tools like Google scholar, lots of herbal medicine and natural medicine blogs, forums and professionals running up information on line all the time to help you. Read, read, read.

Of course you will get confused. Simply put. when you do your research look for traditional knowledge and what has worked culturally successfully through many different sectors of natural health care. Then look at reviews of clinical trials and evidence based information. Then look at what bio medicine offers, see what side effects and benefits there are, look into the herbs and dietary information and try to create your own plan of attack. Then bring all the research to me or another health care professional for some educated advice and support to develop your approach. And, talk to others who have the condition, see what works for them and what doesn’t. If you ask about herbs and natural remedies also ask them about therapeutic doses that they were taking. Sometimes herbs need a bigger or smaller dose. Its all individual and what worked for someone else may/ may not work for you. Follow your intuition here and don’t get caught up in multi level marketing plans or processes that look like a very expensive solution. These need further inspection and you can probably get something of a higher quality cheaper and in a good therapeutic dose without paying for commercial marketing hype.

3. Get your acid alkaline in balance. Probably the most important advice for you is to get some PH sticks and check your acidity at any point where there is aching in the body. Then get your PH to 7.2 to 7.4 and keep it there. The little sticks are available in Pharmacy and cheap. To get this in balance you can eat green foods. My favorite ( you know I’m going to say this) is Spirulina, I just love that stuff.  I like to have  5  grams twice a day for every thirty kilos of body weight. Then eat green foods, fruits and vegetables for at least 75% of each meal and drink my favorite lemon juice daily, and take apple cider vinegar. Not only will this process balance your acid and alkaline levels, it will also help flush your liver and create a really healthy liver

4. Your Liver needs to be in optimal condition to help you process the healing for arthritis. The great herb for your liver is Silybum marianum ( milk thistle) I think everyone who has any kind of arthritis, no matter what you are doing will do well to have a little milk thistle in your daily herbal blend. Why? Because it helps the secretion of bile, it helps protect liver cells, it helps process and absorb nutrients in the small intestine, it helps you have regular bowel movements ( because all of the above is in line) and if all this is happening, then you body is processing optimally and you have better chance of recovery. Simple really. YOU are eliminating toxins faster than you are accumulating them.

5. Assuming you have been diagnosed correctly We block the inflammation pathway. And we do this with the COX 2 inhibition herbs. And yes they are safe, they are effective. In fact they are better than their bio medical government supported cousins, some of whom have been  banned in many countries because they increase cardiovascular problems. Look up TGA( Therapeutic Goods Administration)  in Australia and  The FDA ( Food and Drug administration) in America and search VIOX,  you will see whats happened there.

The herbs to block this pathway, in an evidence based manner. Are Turmeric, ginger and hops in my herbal dispensary. And you need to work on this internally and topically. We also have arnica and chilli for external use.  There are other herbs to help you too, as often venous insufficiency is an issue, so we have gotu kola and ginkgo biloba, sometimes we deal with emotional and nervous system repair and support , sometimes its moving more acid out of the body and often there can be a detox needed and some lymphatic congestive issues to address. There are over 80 herbs to choose from and sometimes you need to have herbs to give you personal strength, emotional support, immunity support, mental clarity as well as dealing directly with the arthritis. Its no good being pain free if you are miserable, depressed and feeling hormonally or mentally out of kilter. It all needs consideration. And herbs are amazing for that. We can formulate to meet your needs.

Whatever happens in your arthritis experience. Try to stay flexible, do some walking, exercises and yoga if you can deal with it. Remember to have hot showers on waking each morning and do some stretches in the shower before you even start the day. make each moment as comfortable as possible and I am here to support you with information, assistance and to help you be empowered with the help of a little dietary assistance, herbal medicines and gorgeous topical creams.

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With best wishes for your day




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