How to make the best calcium supplement at home

Here is my gorgeous recipe for Calcium Citrate that you make at home. 

Never buy calcium supplements again. Make them in your Kitchen instead. 

Ths recipe is too easy and really tastes great. Will keep in the fridge for up to three months,

1. get a big glass jar and fill it with egg shells as you use the eggs. ( Keep this jar in the fridge for less than ten days until you have collected all the used egg shells)

2. Now fill the jar up with freshly squeezed lemon Juice.

3. Pop it back in the fridge for 24 to 36 hours. Watch it until the egg shells become very transparent. Then you know its ready as the calcium in the shells has been stripped away and absorbed into the lemon juice.

Gently remove the residue from the shells and the remaining liquid is your supplement. Talk about fortified lemon juice. This is such a fab recipe.

Now take 15ml daily in a drink as a tonic. Or spread it through the day and take 5ml 3 x day .

Think that the calcium is going to work out at about 20% mixture. So that would be equal to a 1/5 extraction ratio. So that is 1000mg equal to calcium citrate per 5000mg ( 1 teaspoon) of end product.


 Why Calcium ?

Women after menopause stop storing calcium in bones and need to have a regular supply in the blood to help stop the process of osteoporosis

Anyone who exercises a lot or works physically hard needs to consider good calcium supplies 

Calcium is  the biggest trace mineral in your body. Yes, your bones are full of it and you woudl develop osteoporosis ( thinning of bone matrix) if you didn’t have a great store of this mineral.

Ok only 2% of calcium is in your blood stream at any point in time, thats your beautiful automatic control mechanisms in place keeping you healthy. The rest of the calcium is in the bone. It is pulled out of bone on call through physical necessity as the muscles decide they need topping up for action. Magnesium is used to hlep pull clacium out of the bones and into the blood stream to go to the muscles to be used.

Women after menopause stop storing calcium in bones and need to have a regular supply in the blood to help stop the process of osteoporosis. So, lets get a bit tricky here, if you have a regular intake of calcium, and my favorites are almonds and fish with edible bones. Then you may help decrease that leaching from the bones and keep your bones in good calcium storage for longer.

Taking my calcium citrate recipe and adding it to your drinks in the day can be a great benefit to your  health.

Also I always reccomend that you take magnesium at night before bed and calcium during the day. You see they use the same carrier molecules to get across the small intestine and you really want to optimise absorption. Its easy when  you have a hot magnesium sulphate ( epson salts bath) to relax you at night, and you take your homemade calcium citrate during the day.

Why Calcium Citrate instead of other Calciums for your body? 

Alterations to the digestive tract may change how calcium is digested and absorbed. Unlike calcium carbonate ( chalk), which neutralises stomach acid, and can damage digestive processes because of this.  calcium citrate has no effect on stomach acid.and will maintain a good hydrochloric acid balance in the stomach which  is essential to good health.If you have difficulty producing adequate stomach acid, calcium citrate can help rebalance that digestion. So perhaps your digestive troubles can easily be solved with a little home remedy making.


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Calcium Citrate. make your own supplement at home.



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