We all need some hypericum from time to time

We love Hypericum Flowers

We love Hypericum Flowers

Yes, its my favorite herb for depression, upset digestive tracts, kitchen burns and nervous tension for everyone. 

I think if theres a herb that saves peoples lives , it has to be Hypericum. We all need some hypericum from time to time. 

Commonly known as Saint Johns Wort, and used in so many situations , Hypericum is a beautiful plant and in Herbal Medicine is our saving grace when things get too hot, or too tough.

I first started using Hypericum in The Deli Cafe in Coromandel some twenty odd years ago. It was in my first aid kit. A 200ml bottle of 1:2 herbal ethanol extract. Its main job was to dab onto any kitchen burns as soon as they happen with a piece of cotton wool. To this day, its still in my first aid kit and it still is the number one burn healer. Try it, you will be very happy with the results. In fact, I only pop the burn under water for long enough to get the hypericum out of the kit, dab it on, pop a piece of medical tape over the cotton bud and get on with my day. Its pain free.

My next experience came internally and I learnt really fast that Hypericum can help you emotionally in a very good way. After long hours working, weeks on end in the toursit season in a busy deli cafe doing 20 hours a day back to back. I started taking 15ml 3 or 4 x day and I was able to cope really well with the constant onslaught of people and being so personable constantly. In those days I was a student of Natural medicines via correspondence and found that I tried everything as I got to learn about it. Again Hypericum is my herb of choice for emotional stress. ( you need to watch contraindications if you are on medications)

Then we started presecribing it in formulas for winter ills, coughs, colds, flus and especially viruses. You know that Hypericum was  known as an anitviral long before it was used as an antidepressant? So, especially in winter blends, childrens blends, busy peoples blends, hypericum quickly became the almost empty bottle on the shelf. We started extracting herbs and Hypericum was the one that always needed remaking first, almost every new extracting day involved a batch of hypericum.

Things evolved, and of course we started making the cream with Hypericum, gotu kola and chilli. I thought it felt like a good combination. I didn’t know how good it was until we added the black pepper and basil essential oils and made the balm with it. Arthritis, inflammation, shingles, back pain, frozen shoulders, sciatic pain, cold feet, diabetes circulatory problems, winter colds and flu relief and emotional stess. Yes Hypericum went down well in that formula too.

I really think that the Herbal stress ease formula is so popular and really saves lives. . Its for stressed people of all descriptions and is a life saver from biomedical optiions for emotional issues. Its a saviour if you want to stay off pharmaceutical ant depressents and I saw some great research to show that Hypericum works just as well in this situation.

Our beautiful Baby and Child care suits everything from colic, teething, sleeplessness and for mum to avoid post natal depression after those hormones readjust again. It goes beautifully through to breast milk and is a total win win blend  Dad can take it too, to help him cope well during these times of change.


And, don’t forget to make the tea, its a feel good tea and helps emensly during the day between your doses of aquaethanol blends.

with love Dom