Blue Lotus as medicine- Nymphaea caerulea

Blue Lotus as medicine

Nymphaea caerulea 


Be like the Lotus in life. Emerge into your own beauty and power with a universal consciousness of LOVE for all, Let go of the polluted toxic ways that don’t serve you anymore. Let the Sun shine on your golden centre and allow your petals of white and blue to glow. Glow with everything you can be, and everything you believe to be true, good and graceful. ( My little poem for this blog)

They say Isis made perfume from this amazing flower and Cleopatra bathed in Blue Lotus essences. There is something magical and enchanting with the Lotus flower, coming up from the polluted muds of earth and manifesting the pure golden Bluey, whitey energy that can only be described as visually beautiful. That also relates to the Chakra system of the third eye and crown chakra. The golden represents the solar plexus chakra that is very much related to physical energy and earthy energy.  So , you are taking that earth physical energy and bringing it up to the higher consciousness of psychic and universal energy. Very healing concept indeed!

Traditional Aboriginal medicine here in Australia has always used the Blue lotus eating the roots, stems, flowers and incorporating this plant into daily culture. There are traditions and secret womens business around this plant that go back 40,000 years in this country. How can we doubt that kind of history? Its the flower for women, birth and health.

The old adage that whatever is around is used as medicine really rings true when I research this plant. It seams that everywhere it grows on the earth it is used as a general medicinal adaptogenic tonic with a reputation of increasing libido, repairing adrenal stress in the same way as Ginseng,  increasing circulation, developing wellness as a general tonic. in fact our friend the Blue Lotus has been known to cure ALL. and be used for ALL.

I love that aspect of this plant. That it has shown traditional evidence across many cultures to really marry the essence and energy of universal healing power with plant power. A true synergy of healing. All medicine needs to have that combination in my mind to make it really effective.

I don’t like the term Placebo effect. It makes me think that the people who say it are not tuning into the reality that all medicine comes from energy and that the energy of healing has an unknown, universal, spiritual, magical ( call it what you want) element. The part that Quantum physics and me resonate to together in a very nice agreement and understanding of philosophies.  The truth is that we don’t know everything. There are huge gaps in knowledge and whatever works, works! Thats powerful. And when you look at a plant based medicine such as this one, you can only guess at how people came about using it in the first place. And, my guess is that it was available, there was a need for medicine and guess what? that magical element of the unknown kicked in across the planet and it cured ALL!

I suggest you do a search in Google Scholar and see whats going on with the research. Theres some good reads there. I saw information on alkaloids which would explain the cure ALL benefits of the plant. If people feel better in their mind and there is pain relief etc then we are talking serious plant medicines and there is a definite relationship between feeling good and getting well. There was also some clinical trials that related to cancer treatments. yet again this could be related to the alkaloids and perhaps their action on the feeding of tumours as such in the same way as other plants act to heal cancers.

What I love about the Blue Lotus is the smell. I think it is so uplifting and sensual. In aromatherapy I have seen some work on it being really yummy as a premenstrual womans oil, and also as a ballancer for reproductive health. I have spoken with Women who use this herb in essential oil form for sexual rituals and processes to help them open up and develop their own sensuality.

The Blue Lotus is revered as an herb to increase sexual vitality in both men and women. However I think  its the adaptogenic benefits that work in the same way as the Panax ginseng and Eleutherococus ( siberian) ginseng in the root of the Blue lotus that do all that increasing of energy as the adrenal glands are healed and the androgen hormones etc are back in ballance , then the long gone libido returns. So, in the true context of an adaptogenic, I will comment that the Blue Lotus has the power to repair all of the body without taking any particular organ, system, illness into account. It is undiscerning in its selection of what to heal. It just does it all. Thats why we all love ginseng. Mind, body, soul, emotions. All dealt with easily with a daily therapeutic dose for a long period of time. Voila, magic happens and you are well. That just about sums up the Blue Lotus too.

How to use it?? 

make some tea. If you are lucky enough to have it about the place then make sure you have the correct species of plant and not confuse it with the water lily version which is a completely different plant.  Dig it up from the lake, use the fresh flowers and stems in tea. Dry the root and make it into decoctions as you need it for medicine.

Or dry the whole plant and use for teas, decoctions etc. If you are a herbalist make the aqua ethanol extraction and remember that it has high alkaloid properties so use your ratios of bases taking this into account. ( You won’t get the alkaloids without some professional and traditional extraction techniques…. sorry tea and decoctions, you miss out here) But all methods of use will give you adaptogenic benefits to some degree or other.

Eat the flowers in your Salad. Can you imagine a more beautiful garnish. And, they taste so good. I love Blue Lotus salads. I love all flower salads. They make me feel special.

Steam the stems and eat with other steamed greens. I particularly like this one with lemon juice and sea salt over the hot steamy lotus stems.

Make some personal perfume All my friends and family know that I have a passion for making perfume. I like to make it from scratch. So, get your fresh lotus flowers and add them to a sheet of glass that has been smothered in coconut oil.  leave in the sun for three days after the new moon and make sure you have three sunny days with clear skies. Then you filter the oil from the flowers and press the flowers to make sure you have all of the oils. Thats my little recipe for you to make something special . Otherwise call your trusted importer of essential oils and pay a fortune for the cold pressed original oil. Its so amazing. But, the one you can make yourself is just as good.

Have a beautiful week. Thanks for reading my blog, share it if you want. I appreciate that. It helps spread the word about this amazing plant medicine, and maybe then, more people will pluck Lotuses from their lakes and enjoy them for more than visual beauty!

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Blue Lotus is such a divine medicine.

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