Chocolate Chai recipe is simply your favorite!

The best super antioxidant you can eat is cocoa. Its the highest in all fruits and even beats our favorite Maqui Berry. Buy fair trade, organic chocolate. This is our awesome recipe for chocolate Chai drink.

I was in a meditation after  daily yoga kriya , and I always sit in silence for a few minutes after I have completed the session alone. Then I get out my journal and write about whatever it is I need to write about. It might be something I experienced in my mind, heart or felt in my body. It might be something I have transcended. Well, this day quite recently I started writing this recipe. And, Then I made it. Like all my recipes, they float into my consciousness with a burst of sunshine. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do, My family love it. Its every ones new favorite.

 Its very grounding, tastes delicious and is our absolute favorite way to eat/drink chocolate.


Chocolate Chai 
1. Take 300grams of 70 to 100% organic chocolate slab, ( this does contain some sugar, so make this version if you don’t mind a little sugar. Scroll page for sugar free version) and 30 grams of ground black pepper and melt with  30  to  60 grams of butter in double saucepan.2. Take  30 to 100 grams of your chai spice mix  ( according to taste) , 2 tablespoons red bush herb, 2 tablespoons raw runny honey and 300ml of water and bring to boil, boil for five minutes.3. Now pour 1 litre of soy milk and the melted chocolate mix into the saucepan with the chai and water boiling. Turn the heat down and let it warm so that everything is hot , but do not let boil. Stir constantly for a few minutes, put in your good vibes and then strain into cups.
The sugar free version contain honey instead. So replace the 300 grams of 70% dark chocolate with 200 grams of raw Mayan cocoa powder. Now when you add the powder and butter in the top of the saucepan, add some of the soy milk and add honey to taste. You need decide yourself how much honey you want. Less for the bitterness of the cocao to dominate the flavor and more for sweetness. We prefer it sweet. Then do everything else the same as the recipe listed above.

This is our balancing drink after intense yoga sessions where we transcend stuff. Its also going to be the drink you get after Dinner at our place from now on if you come here to eat. I think I will take it out when we go to parties too. Its so delish.

Sat Nam , With love
Dominique Finney
ph australia  0409 765033


Why do we use fair trade .

Firstly fair trade is fair. It is fair on growers who do not get ripped off when they sell their product, it is fair on profits which are distributed to the people who do the hard work to grow the food and it is fair energetically.

If we have the choice between buying something that is cheap because people have been exploited for global corporations  to get profits, or something that is more expensive and has supported a community and been independently developed. Guess which we chose? Its the 2nd option everytime.

We support local growers and our community as the priority, and we buy organic and grow organic on our certified organic farm as much as possible. Our life is not 100% organic. But, where it can be, it is 100% fair trade.

We support fair trade because it helps break the poverty cycle that globalisation has increased with foods. We support fair trade because it feels good, it feels right and we are not eating at the expense of someone elses welfare. And, with every purchase we make that is fair trade, we are speaking with our money and saying ” This is good,  this is fair. This is the way we want to go for the future” we  like that. Sat Nam.

Dom xoxo