Living from your heart

Living from your heart is the process of making time for stillness, enjoying life.

Hello Lovelies,

Well today for my blog I wanted to write about living from the heart, yes our heart,

That is the potential for you to think with a clear mind and allow your heart to rule what you think, feel, say and do. Being gentle on yourself is a really good place to start. There are some great tips in achieving this , and often it takes that little moment where you drop attachment to what you have always done, and pick up a new way to respond.

So, personally I am challenged with the concept of giving up my morning coffee. Thats the start for me, because drinking such a powerful stimulant can just lead my mind into a place of stimulated acheivement and the whole days ends up as this wonderfully active synergy of processes. Which is kind of the opposite to what we are trying to achieve here. If we can live from the heart, then we can still achieve from the mind. Just not in a frazzled and stressed mess. But, in a calm and awesome way.

So, the first thing to reduce stress and to be calm and happy is to make the decision and conscious choice that you will attempt to live from your heart and you will attempt to be the master of your soul through acts of love, compassion, respect, grace and goodness. This is possibly the best way to reduce stress, help you to cope in difficult situations and to achieve optimal success in your life on all levels. Its beautiful to be calm , centred and enjoying what you are doing with a feeling of purpose everyday. We never know what our potential is, its boundless and its so wonderful, so enjoy the ride!

Then we need to think about how to achieve this on a practical way? and thats about what you do with your mind and time, thats about what you eat, and herbs, yoga and exercise and whatever else you decide will help you achieve happiness.  Its about taking the calm approach and letting things take their course.

Some hints and tips to make life easier to live from the heart 

You probably have already seen lists like this one. However just going through the processes here really does help you lighten up the load.

  • Minimise distractions in your daily life. Have set limitations on the amount of external noises, influences such as televisions, radio and movies and computers that you experience..
  • Let it go, toss the old clothes to the clothing bins for someone else to enjoy, clean up those cupboards, get rid of all that accumulated stuff.
  • Consciously breathe through the day. whenever you think of it, take 3 deep breathes. Thats conscious living and really helps you live from the heart. .
  • Have silence in your day , everyday. Make time to process what you have experienced. .
  • Speak with wisdom and kindness,  Come from a place of trust and appreciate the beauty in each person and animal you communicate with all the time.
  • Eat consciously. Think about where your food has come from and what it is you are eating. Make time to eat in peace.
  • Laugh daily. Every day. make an effort to find laughter
  • Make time to respect yourself, and others. Do not rush through tasks nor rush around. Give yourself time. A schedule is good. Free time is better.
  • Make the effort to look good, feel good and do your best to be your best.
  • Have some form of daily practice, walking, yoga, meditation, surfing, riding your bike, dancing, singing, Claim that time as your own and enjoy it alone to get for yourself your own messages of peace.

Herbs are amazing to help live from the heart and you probably knew that I was going to mention herbs pretty soon as a great solution to helping you achieve this. I wrote about rose hips, flowers and the arctic rose root in a blog earlier in the week and have had some really nice comments and responses from people who wanted to know more about calming herbs and stress reduction with herbs.

My favorite heart herb is probably Hypericum, which is an anti viral, nervine and strengthening herb for your body and soul. I also love passionflower,  silence to the mind and thats a great place to begin your calm and gorgeous heart journey. I love  the gorgeous chamomile, and valerian. Thast so great for the somatic nervous system. Yumm. These all strengthen the nervous system, calm the mind and allow us that little bit of totally calm space for the universe to just send on down those messages of love and peace that radiate from your good selves.

Now we can’t neglect long term damage from stimulants and over activity and also from just taking on too much and not getting enough of the good heart energy. The ginsengs of course are my favorites here with rehamania and also the roses.

Have a great day and remember to make time everyday to put your health first

Sat Nam with Love

Dom xoxox

Dominique Finney

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