Melissa Officinale, beautiful for your mind, body and spirit.

When you feel stressed, down and blue, over emotional or just over tired. Lovely Melissa officinale  is soothing and beautiful.  There is a strength to this herb too, not just a softness, melissa is a strong antimicrobial herb who helps heal wounds in record time. This herb is gentle yet a killer herb as it goes and takes away any toxicity from a wound. It also offers mental strengthening, clarity and focus. Now thats everything we need in a herb for stressed and sad people.

Now if you view herbal medicine in its true energetic sense as well as its evidence based and traditional use capacity, you will quickly see that we are talking about medicine for the soul here. For broken hearts, those who are depressed and meloncoly, those who feel vicimised and as though the world is doing wrong. Then this is the number one herb to soothe the heart, heal the wounds and rid yourself of the toxins from the situation.

This herb is perfect for jet lag, a weekend medicine to recover from a totally busy week at work, the herb to take at any time when you need soft, loving strengthening and support.  Its a great herb to take while you are shifting through different states of awareness, changing homes, changing jobs, changing attitudes, changing ways of living. Its the tranistion herb for many who want a gentle journey.

Traditionally in herbal medicine, we mix herbs to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of the person. We will take the herbs that you need for an ailment that needs addressing and then we will design formulation to address the other underlying and equally important contributions to your state of being,

Make some Melissa tea  and sip it through the day to help you stay rel;axed. Then twice a day have some herbal extract formula that contains about 25% melissa with other herbs such as oats, hypericum, bacopa, echinacea and ginkgo biloba.

I love herbs for the emotional and soul support that they offer, I love herbs and especially Melissa in any blend that requires stengthening, support, emotional wellbeing and particularly in stressed situations where we need to slow down your heart beat and get you feeling all calm and happy again. There are some really lovely combinations we can mix you in the dispensary, just ask us. This is one herb that goes in so many personal tonics with a load of benefits including cardiovascular, mental, emotional, and protective.

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With love Sat Nam

Dominique Finney

Lovely Melissa officinale. Great for broken hearts, stress relief, cardiovascular protection, wound healing, infections and just to feel good.

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