Our Rosey medicines. Rosa Canina and Rhodiola Rosacea.

Rosa Canina. Rose hips 

Rhodiola Rosacea is Arctic Rose. and these are our Rosey medicines. 

Roses just help us to feel better, no matter how good you might feel to start with, the whiff of a mountain rose in full bloom is just so gorgoeus. Those cold climate roses in New Zealand are my favorites. However , even here in the sub tropics the power of rose is still the queen of essences.

The crystal that goes so well with rose is rose quartz of course, and this is in the extraction we make.  You can also pop some rose quartz into the drinks you make with rose and remember that rose is the universal flower of love and all heart felt activities. It’s always an aspiration to let your heart lead you in everything. So, have a dose of rose today!

Roses are awesome as medicine too. The hips are the most popular part for internal medicine, and we do extract that here in the herbal dispensary, Yes Rose hips are so versatile. They are in our beautiful herbal antimicrobial blend because they have the ability to act to kill toxins and foreign bodies. the therapeutic dose for a 1:2 herbal extraction of pure rose hip is 5ml per 20kg of body weight per day as a preventative and energetic dose. This would be taken alone, or why not mix your roses. Yes…

Rhodiola Rosacea  ( known as arctic rose) is another rose medicine that we extract. It is globally in short supply and many of my herbalists friends refuse to use it ethically for that reason. However we use a sustainable supply that is purchased from an organic and sustainable grower. Thank goodness. And, we make the extraction which is divine mixed in with the Rosa canina . The Rhodiola root is the part we use and also the aerial parts. This  is such a strong bonding emotional healer and it also gives you clarity of direction and mental alertness. The perfect herb when you are stressed. In fact combining the two together is such a brilliant tonic. It will give you the mental clarity, heartfelt energy and ability to come from that space of the heart chakra which will always help your worldview be generous, broad, open and compassionate.

Rose has the intrinsic ability to add a softness and gentle energy to your body. they are high in Vitamin C when fresh and they are a flavonoid and so work as an antioxidant. Some of the latest research shows that it is also a relief for arthritis sufferers and according to tradition roses were used for, fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, as diuretic and sometimes as sedative. Even when you are so busy that you can not stop, these roses will help you become more gentle with yourself and others. Thats something we all need from time to time.


Use Roses when your immunity is low, when you feel a little down and when you want some uplifting energy. They are beautiful. Strengthening, protecting, ancient, gorgeous. Perfect.  Now, when I say use roses, I will explain. Have them in vases so you can admire them nearby, plant some in the garden and just bask in the knowledge that you are growing the worlds most adored flower. Buy or make some rose essential oil and dab it on your wrists and smell deeply the power of magic. Take some Rose herbal extract in your daily bland and add in the qualities of joy, love, beauty, essential grace. And, lets make some rose tea.

Roses, the most beautiful medicine and uplifting essence

Dom’s recipe for rose tea. . 
Simply take the fresh hops from the bushes and combine with the petals. Gather as many as you can and dry them out for later use. Then take a handful of the fresh petals with about 30 grams of chopped up hips. Pop in your favorite tea pot and add boiling water. I love this after it has infused for about ten minutes with chai spices such as star anise, cardamon and Vanilla pod seeped through the roses. Yummm. Now, add a dollop of raw honey. delish. enjoy. YOU can also add a dash of the herbal extract of the rhodiola or the rosa canina to this tea for an extra therapeutic benefit.

You can decoct the tea by boiling all of the ingredients together in a pan with water for fifteen minutes and then taking the concentrate diluted in drinks through the day. My ratios for this decoction are 50 grams of rosa canina hips to 100 grams of petals to 500ml water. For a fifteen minute boil down. Allow to cool, then strain. This also makes a delish cold tea with ice added and fresh mint. Also a dollop or two of raw local honey and you are in Rose Heaven.

Sat Nam and with love from Dominique Finney