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We love Spirulina, Its been our super food of choice for the last 30 years. I remember when we first met Spriulina, It was in tablet form, and we were told that we needed to take 10 x 500mg tabs a day if we were insistent on being vegetarian and not getting our supplies of iron. So, we did.

As time moved on and our ever shifting diet philosophies kept moving in varieing directions, Spirulina became even more important to us. We decided that we could fast on water for days, have juice cleanses, do whatever crazy diet we chose, and we still took our spirulina.

Sometimes we would take  powder, a heaped teaspoon added to smoothies and juices. Our favorite way became mixing spirulina powder in with that gorgeous Tasmanian sparkling apple juice, Now that is yumm.. Its been the sustaining good feeling addition to our diet and we know it does our body so much good.

Super greens are all very simular. We think its best to have organic and if its grown locally all the better. Spirulina and super greens are grown all over the world and the commercialisation is big business now. As health consciousness is raised and we all want to mitigate pollutions, environmental toxins and lifestyle comrpomises. Super foods are  becoming very popular. The range we helped develop with Mark at Planet Organic for their products consists of Chlorella, Barley grass and Spirulina. There are differences nutritionally between the greens, and spirulina is still our favorite..These are clean organic super greens and we needed to do a lot of research and development to ensure that our combination was delicious and totally the best we could provide. Thats when we learn’t a lot about super greens.

The highest plant food for   chlorophyll, a cleansing and detoxifying phyto nutrient and alkalising super constituent. High in carotenoids esp bete carotene which is the precursor to vitamin A. and  free  radical scavengers. Super greens are  high in B group vitamins, supporting nervous system function and also as co factors and co enzymes to the synthesis of all new cells in your body. . They are also full of omega essential fatty acids . . High in calcium and iron, They are also on average 70% complete protein. Each super green has its nuances and little differences, but to me, its all about the power, the super power.

You can feel the goodness. From the time our boys were small theres always been a tub of spirulina around. If we don’t think they are eating well enough, then spirulina is on offer at meals, Its been our alternative solution to commercial vitamin tablets which we do not have in our diets. In fact, its a much more ballanced and natural solution. and so easily assimilated in growing bodies, especially during those awesome growth spurts. Making the healthiest new cells.

There is a load of research for Spirulina and Super greens. Lots of interest in Japan where it is recognised as an emerging and sustainable food source. We will see a lot more use of these foods in developing healthy communities in the future as consciousness raisies and we realise that highly nutritious and easily grown foods are they key to global food sustainability. We  have seen some research that said 3 grams of spirulina powder a day provided a person with total nutrition for the day and was able to pull malnourished bodies from chronic poverty into a healing state within three weeks. This was really impressive and we love the idea that we can solve many health problems in all societies with simple super greens.

Spirulina is easily grown and can be grown in ponds, There is a lot of information on how to do this online and if you ware interested its worth a look. The other super greens such as wheat grass and Barley grass are easily grown in garden boxes. Even people  in high density City environments can have a gorgeous rooftop full of super greens. The powder is made by freeze drying the extracted liquid of the super green juice and then dehydrated and made into the powder we all love so much. The tablets are then made by adding a caking agent. Its all very simple stuff and its all a glimpse into the future of foods. You can grow the greens in pots in the house too, under the care of lighting.

The ultimate fast food.Getting your nutrition in a low calorie, highly dense, easily assimilated form is great, in fact its optimal. Its light on your body and passes through your system quickly. Usullyy within 24 hours and the beauty of these super foods is that they free radical scavenge along the way. Eliminating toxins both in the digestive tract and in organs and cells, cleansing blood and filling your body with totally needed nutrition. No wonder all those ancient people s loved taking green algaes in the diet. Green inside, clean inside, and all that goodness. We usually take 5000mg, that’s equal to one teaspoon of powder one or two times a day. Taking 3000mg a day is what is researched as adequate and good. You chose how much you take. Its all pure nutrition.

All you meditating yogis and yoginis and athletes, writers, artists, musicians and creative souls. All you busy highly stressed business people, all you suffering from a chronic illness. And, those of you who are on some crazy diet, detox plan or fasting regime. You need to consider super greens as an absolutely viable option in nutritional profiling. Talk with me if you want to discuss a plan.  Organic is best, ;like everything, the less exposure to toxins in teh trail of life the better.

Have a great day

Sat Nam

with love Dominique xoxo

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