Make time today to put your health first! Allow that magic energy to help you feel well.

Make time every day to put your health first. And, deliciousness in life is great medicine

Beautiful aim for us in life. To enjoy a pain free body, a clear and gentle mindset and a sense of balance in our day. And, we each need to do everything in our own power to help that happen, we also need to trust the process of our body and also trust that adding an element of magic and the unknown into our regime that we will gain better results.

So, today I wanted to share with you some information about herbal medicines that is clearly not evidence based in the Cochrane  model, in fact it would be impossible to measure these qualities of herbs and I really don’t want to. These are the energy effects of herbs that can be magical for many people who are ill and need relief.  There is magic in herbs, there is magic in massage, there is magic in music,art, writing, conversation, silence, dance, meditation, yoga, walking, laughing and there is magic in any relief that you have when you get relief from pain and illness. There is magic in your beliefs and the trust you place on religion, universal law, higher consciousness which all translate to LOVE!

I really like the idea that we can blend herbal medicines for you and take into account all of your physical ailments and issues, that is the evidence based side of herbs, and many of my associates have written excellent books on this topic.. Then there is that withcy, cultural, global, timeless and traditional side that is so relevent. The fact that these herbs have been used for this ailment for thousands of years. I love the way that science in the modern and absolute physical sense is confirming these traditions is so many cases. Its everywhere and that’s great. However there is a dillema.


This dillema is political, it is cultural and it is based on control. Control of what is considered medicine, and control over the ever bending financial purse and lobby of what is primary health care. So, as long as the bio medical model is adhered to, then primary health care is about your trust in a health care professional having empowerment and your country paying out big money to big pharma for your needs. Or if public health on the  sustainable global level  have  power in primary health care, then its  culturally community based and your herbs and personal medicines’ are part of that. So, I will put it upfront. Medicine is your choice and its your freedom to use what you believe in whether its cultural, traditional, bio medical or spiritual. And, Science is yet to learn more than it has… So, there’s a load of unknown elements.


Herbal medicine can not be researched and trialed in the same way as bio medicine, because there are too many variables, and because one size does not fit all. This is true today in our modern times, which will soon be history anyway. And, we all know that history is always frowned at technologically and the mistakes of medicine are recorded for all to see. Think blood letting, toxic mineral treatments, early surgery, Think some herbs before there was research and the toxicity, Think also that over 40% of the bio medical pharmacopedia  is made up of traditional herbal medicines that have been synthesised and broken down to a minute and very potent version. The comment I just made about herbal medcine’s not fitting into the same trial methodologies as bio medicines are because its local ,  random, handmade, fresh pant based medicine that is not so tightly controlled. Yes you could say that’s one argument for bio medicine, the standardisation. I agree. However its not for me because all the energy and love has been sucked right out of that plant and so has the magic.

To create magic in your medicine you need a living and thriving plant base, you need to be personal and that’s where we love our herbs. Thats where every meal you cook at home with love s delicious. No good to eat food made by an angry cook. Food made with love , just like medicine made with love is potent and powerful. Well, I know this to be true in our clinic and our kitchen at home.

When you get your herbs next, tell us how you are feeling, and allow some of that unknown magic enter your body. Its a that feel good factor, as I said it can’t be measured, and who wants it to be anyway. I have many patients who tell me what qualities they want to bring into life, or what needs to be transcended to reach a higher state of comfort, awareness, energy, development, creativity etc. Ok, so we blend that magic with the biochemistry of he human body, the active constituents of the herbs that are evidence  and traditionally based and you have a powerful herbal blend on every level, That’s what I truly call addressing the whole self. Your wholesome beautiful self!


Let the magic back in your medicines and think of your whole self, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. that’s why when you feel pain, when you are sick, when your professionals tell you there is nothing wrong with you! Or when you are told there is no hope. I think there is! And, I think that you need to trust that magic component in life to get well. Its not measurable, but its energy and its the highest form of medicine. It is above all the physical strategies for health, it is above all the expensive and fancy technologies, it is above all evidence, it is above all practical, pragmatic logic. It is magic, and if you are unwell. you would do well to trust that its real and that it works.


Because we all deserve to put our health first everyday. and you need to make time to do that. There is a lot of research into mind and its potential and happiness and meditation, and positive thinking, and crystals, and aromatherapy, and herbs and yoga and all kinds of practices to get well. These are all part of the magic I mention in this blog. So, use them to your health’s advantage everyday. Do whatever it takes to feel good in yourself, That will vibrate through your soul and out to the universe and you will be optimally healthy today, for today.

Sat Nam and with love as always

Dom xoxoox