Medicine for Happiness: ” Say hello and befriend the world”

Adam in the act of communication somewhere in India

The Hug Patrol Visited The Medicineroom

What is medicine? According to the World Health Organisation ( WHO) it is traditional, cultural and community based strategies put into action in a sustainable manner ( My understanding here)

So, what is health ? Well again our friends at WHO have a vision for optimal standards of living for all. That is not just a disease free state of being, but a wellness in all aspects of community and safety for all. This includes education, quality resources like water, shelter and food and environment as well as access to community social activities. This is great social economy coming to the forefront and the inclusion of happiness.

I like these ways of community living and health. I like the fact that medicine is home grown, home made, and home controlled. Primary health care is community based health care and the role of expensive government funded interventions such as technologies, bio medicines and community programs only need to be used to enhance what the community is doing and to optimalise an already healthy and thriving environment. This is sustainability on the ground for healthy living.

Yes, its about everyones needs being met and empowerment of you, me and all our friends and family. People just following their lives along in a contented and responsibly educated manner, eating well, observing and acting in appropriate ways to whats going on. A place where we all share and act and say and be as we want. This includes understanding how multi faceted we all are and how flexible we all are. Health and medicine and community can be really simple and awesome experiences.

We can embrace the  obscure yet real concepts that laughter, meditation, happiness, hugs, communication, family, kindness, compassion, sharing, giving, receiving, loving, helping and generosity of spirit are real health benefits and can be better than any medicine you might take. There has been too much individual focus in health care and that has left too many sick and lonely people here amongst us. Its time to put away that public private mask and get out your public smile, your public friendliness and trust factor. I have been observing anlot of the City lately, and everyone is there together in our own crowded solitudes. So close together, yet so far away and closed to each other.. I watched it, I chatted to people and guess what…. they chatted back.. we had fun, we left the experiences richer and happier. Simply because we opened up to each other in the environment of public places and shared  details about our lives and somehow I think this could be for everyone, and I want to see it as normal. Just like at the festivals where everyone is one. everywhere else we are all one too. Maybe you can just say hello to a stranger and change their day? maybe we can just start up a chat with someone on the train, the bus, the street, in a line? why not?

The Hug patrol visited our stall at the markets last week.  The All Well and Good Day was a fabulous event and there were examples of so many health optiions. We love the hug patrol, they are a group of peolpe who meet socially to go into public places and hug people. They may be intimidating if you prefer to be closed to others, but for us… we all hugged, laughed and it was awesome. Just to have a lovely group of people walk around and do that randomly… so powerful.

Let be friendly all the time to everyone… I just love that. ” Random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty” Lets all just get really friendly, kind, trusting and loving to everyone? There is not one person I know in this world who wants war. There is not one person I know in this world who doesn’t aspire to peace and happiness. And, everyone is really friendly really. Lets be inclusive and treat everyone like they are already our friends?

So, let’s help  each other along. Hug a friend. Laugh easily, be kind with all and remember that you may be such a beautiful influence on their lives, and someone completely new in your life may be an awesome boost to your day.. just turning on that random happiness radar and letting it all be just so easy and cool and well…. accepting. and yes… feeling good.  There would be a lessor need for many other forms of medicine and socially we would all be so rich, Lonley people will get their fill of conversation, joy and community so that they can less lonely, we could all be strong and thrive.

Say hello to people you have not met before and share some love. Its really time my friends to just communicate and enjoy each other.

Sat Nam and with Love as Always

 and you know I will probably hug you when we meet, in fact we can laugh, share some happiness and smile with the genuine love in our eyes of appreciation and commonness. yes, we are here in this time and space together.

Dom xoox