Detox Mind Body and Soul Interview in Holistic Bliss magazine November

Have you got your copy of Holistic Bliss Magazine? 

I was interviewed last month by The Beautiful Vanessa who several years ago ( 41 issues ago) set up a local magazine here on the Sunshine Coast. This magazine is a free magazine available in many healthy and conscious outlets through the South East Queensland region. Holistic Bliss.

There is so much wonderful information about Detox therapies and when Vanessa interviewed me ( over a glass of good solid NZ Sav Blanc,delicious salads and a beautiful view of the Noosa river) we chatted about so much.

There are many ways to detox and we all have our personal favorites.For me, Its been a journey through the world of finding myself. That started when I was in my late teens and I looked for ways to get healthy after some fairly toxic experiences to my liver! and my mind too. I remember a great little health food shop in Oxford Street Paddington in Sydney where I used to go and  a lovely lady worked there who was a member of the group ” the Orange People”  She had me on the Rainbow herbals which in those days came on a swish half circle plastic display, and all were sold in 50ml bottles with droppers.That was such a cool health food shop.Full of great natural items for sale and amazing people floating in and out, The notice board was awesome with so many new ideas, my mind boggled at the wonderful options to become healthy. Blackmores was the King of vitamins then,  Boulivants health products were family owned and producing beautiful herbal products. There were lots of small fringe products that are obsolete now in health food shops, beautiful perfumes, Nature and health magazine was new,

Holistic Bliss Magazine November 2012 Dom on Cover with Detox Mind, Body and Soul Interview.

The sun spirit range of essential oils, imports from all over the globe and smells of exoticness filled the shop accompanied by a welcoming social economy of fringe and interesting people. Very appealing and inspiring to a young me.

There was Panax Ginseng as the number one herb for everything. Followed closely by Golden seal.  Then we were onto milk thistle and dandelion root tea. I moved to spirulina and B group vitamin tabs and some good old fashioned vitamin C. All the cafes around Oxford street at that time sold juice, so we all drank loads of juice, especially Watermelon Juice. We used to go the the late night music gigs in Sydney and drink water all night just because we were on a detox. eat sprouts and raw salads and fast on water for days on end. That was my initiation to those healthy foods and I loved it. It felt so good. There was an emerging trend which has solidified more and more.

My next stage naturally fell into the whole circle of rebirthing, water floatation tanks, chanting and of course our everlasting and beloved crystals, We started to clear our sub conscious and we started to live in awareness of our bodies and what that meant for our health,. It was really all about the weird stuff and being true to ourselves. You may remember these times and these processes, We all go through some sort of shift often and these shifts in health and especially detox shifts can be life changing for the positive. Its different for each of us, We find our own way. We know when we need a detox, we can feel it in ourselves.

Since then , well, its been a bit of a life long passion. To look after myself, to mitigate the toxins with the good stuff and to be aware and conscious of what I think, and do. I read every book I can get my hands on that will help me be whatever I need to be. Myself usually. However when we read positive words and inspirational work it does effect us. Just like when we attend really positive workshops, study courses and have great intimate conversations with friends about the good stuff in life. We are uplifted. And uplifting ourselves on  a cellular level is always good. I have always thought that if we vibrate on a healthy level with healthy thoughts and positivity then we will be healthier and more positive. Keeping the glass 3/4 full. Its all about the energy. And energy is the core of medicine in my life. Even when we are ill, whether its a chronic illness or something fast and passing, detox is probably the best first medicine. Stop eating, drink cleaning juices or water only and wait till the body is ready to move on again. Let the poisons go, let the process happen.

“We are the Captains of our Soul” said Nelson Mandela. And, that is always in the back of my mind when I think about  health, No one else chooses what we think, no one else chooses what we eat, see , perceive and believe, or trust. That is our right to be in charge of our lives as much as we can. And to me that means that we need to make sure we are well. As well as we can be on any day. Each day is different,

Sitting there in that nice Restaurant on the water with Vanessa was all about discussing the the concepts of detoxing and what each of us does, It brought back a lot of memories, Some about feeling energised and awesome on a detox,other memories of having no energy and feeling weak, cold and debilitated for days on some deep fasts.  It was fun listening to Vanessa tell me about her detox experiences, we laughed at ourselves and also were grateful that we have found detox in our lives. Thank goodness for that. It’s kept  us on track with health,

Kevin ( my darling husband)  and I lived in New Zealand for twelve years  and had our boys. That’s when I really started my studies formally as well as experimented with many other forms of healing and health. It was an amazing time as we were in a pristine place with an alternate bent that meant many of the people there were truly healthy in the true sense. Clean foods, home gardens, communities,  raw foods, juices, crazy detoxes and experimental ways of personal health were the go. Louise Hay had just put out her first book, we had all the old books from the 60’s and 70’s mostly from America and Europe at our disposal and it was a fun time to read, watch , and learn. We had a beautiful retreat centre just up the road. Joy.  I became a seasoned water faster with the help of he Paul Bragg books. There was hope on this ever detoxed planet for us as individuals  to stay well. We liked that and we did it with relish. I would meet people in town in our little Deli cafe who were doing ten day, twenty day even, forty day detox plans, we chatted, we shared the experiences and we all just wanted to detox. Sometimes it went too far, but that was ok, we were young.

The Wellness Zone was my first book printed in 2005 ( 1st edition) we went into 68 page’s on detox therapies, everything from water fasting, juice cleanses, wholesome vegetarian detox plans and also many other smaller yet doable ways to detox. This book came about after I had spent five years as a consulting naturopath in several pharmacies  on Bribie Island and here on the Sunshine Coast.and I really learnt about the interactions between bio medicines and herbs. I had studied nutrition and had really solidified my love of herbs. I saw that commercialism was becoming profound in the health industry and started to make my own herbal medicines from organic herbs. I was watching and I got a little annoyed that the true hippy spirit of herbalism was becoming a plastic bottle industry with the soul of herbs being diluted in an evidence based bio medical model. Thank goodness that is changing now as we  academically acknowledge the importance of culture, tradition and individual requirements in evidence base, we need the evidence, we also are able to validate the traditional uses for herbs and that is so empowering.

Vanessa asked me so many questions about detoxing, she asked about meat and whether I ate meat. It made me think of a quote from the Dalai Lama about meat. ” I won’t eat meat with people who it offends” Ok, so that’s that. I go through so many stages with food, acknowledging what my body needs, I’m not eating meat. I was, then I wasn’t. Its about where food comes from, clean, close to home, local ,ethical and environmental to me now. I shop locally, I try to eat locally as much as possible. keep it clean, I want clean food. Food inc and the ever exposed exploitation of animal, people, planet and energy do matter. Why would we want to replicate toxic energy in our bodies’ on any level?

Judging what everyone else eats is surely a form of toxicity, I try not to do that. Coke black fizzy drink is the hardest for me. I really still have difficulty with that one. The biggest marketing success on every level.   Its the most dangerous example of food we have on the planet. Useless to us except as a poison/odd yet effective medicine when you want to avoid gastric illness taken with a pro biotic when you have no real medicine at hand. . That’s the only use to me, other than cleaning blackboards! Maybe I need to go on a coke detox to let go of my opinion! Only Coke black fizzy drink for a week, nothing else. Drop the judgement. ( its not going to happen, but I do almost need to do that to stop me for judging others who do drink it as toxic! Point made, we don’t need everyone to do it our way! nor agree with us. And, maybe, just maybe…… Coke blackness  running through your cells is better for some people in choice than other substances????  I doubt it….. its all in question about what is a detox to anyone else???  )

Now many of us  are at the stage where we need to detox our minds, body, emotions and spirit. That’s how I see it, Just to be clear and focused in the busy world we live in. Taking a regular detox, whatever works for you is my ideal. Its about what you need to release and what you need to transcend and you do want a result. That result is to have more energy, feel as good as you can and to be open to growth and developments for yourself. Your detox is personal, so is mine. and it changes everyday.

Design your own detox plan, and if you want some assistance please call us at the medicineroom, talk with us. Visit our free clinics at the Eumundi markets, take some herbs, drink your lemon juice, cut out that bad habit and just do your best, After all your detox is for your health. And, we are all where we are as individuals, That’s the key to your success. Observe yourself and understand your own needs, Then act on  your findings with an open heart and great positive mindset.

I wanted to share some of my story on detoxing with you, because we all have our own tale to tell about it, and what we do, don’t do or are willing to try.

Its all good and you may need to talk with some one about it too,

Have a great day

Sat Nam and with love as always Dom

Here is the cover of Holistic Bliss with me holding a gorgeous baby Artemisia annua plant at the beach in Cotton tree as organised by lovely Vanessa. Thanks for interviewing me Holistic Bliss. You inspired this blog and this refection on my own detox journey. Good luck everyone with yours, its  a lifetime passion and a healthy option to prevent illness and be optimally heatlhy where ever you are on your journey of life. I think I’ll do some more research and find some new ways myself!