Herby Beetroot Springtime Soup

Beetroot and Garlic are the base of this delish spring time soup today

Beetroot is one of my all time favorite vegetables, Raw, cooked or juiced in drinks we love beetroot. Today I want to share with you a recipe that is delicious and so very healthy.

This recipe gives us the best of cooked and raw together if you add handfuls of fresh garden greens to the cooked soup. Its high in protein as well as a hearty vegetable based meal. You can add in some delish extras to make the soup truly celebratory. Vegetarians need to add complete protein to all meals and tempeh is a great food to add to this soup. We also garnish with Almond slithers that are so good for us. You can add in Chia seeds too or other high protein vegetables. I didn’t add lentils and corn to this recipe. However I know it would be so yumm. Make sure you meet those protein needs daily and soups are a great way to add protein.

Beetroot is full of antioxidants and there are specific ones such as betaine which is a super active. It is the vegetable that protects your body from so many ailments. Beetroot is the vegetable of the blood and the vegetable for the bowel. It gives us energy and tastes so good. There is no other vegetable that strengthens your body and feeds it an instant energy as fast as beetroot.

It is a super blood builder and all women around bleed time, when pregnant would do well to incorporate the two main ingredients of this recipe, beetroot and garlic into the diet. For Men too when you are working physically hard, or are just exhausted from being too busy, this is the first place in food to look for your energy. Beetroot and garlic combined. Make a big pot of this soup and take it to work for lunch. Eat it as a recovery food if you have been unwell and its a great food to have between detox therapies and going back to a standard diet.

When you eat antioxidants in your diet, you are strengthening the goodness in your body in so many ways. You are sending a strong message to toxins that have built up to ” leave now thank you” and you are sending a message to your cells that ” I love you and want you to thrive” Fruits and vegetables are the best antioxidants and if we have them as the basis of our diet, then we will be healthier than if we don’t eat them. So, we have 75% of any savoury meal as vegetables, so this soup is surely a great body boost. These vegetables also help optimalise the acid alkaline balance in the body.

. Garlic, Ginger and Turmeric all feature in this recipe today, because they are in season and we are lucky to have the fresh versions in the kitchen right now. If you don’t have fresh, then use 1/3 dried or dry powdered to what I use as fresh. This recipe is to be made to your tastes. So add in as much or as little of any ingredient as you like. The herbs ginger and turmeric are both evidence based for anti inflammatory, and cholesterol management. They are also liver strengthening herbs and work of specific detox pathways really adding a herby healthy boost to this soup.

My new book ” The Magic of Food as Medicine” gives you the details on the latest clinical trials into over 100 vegetables, fruits and herbs and the actives that really make them medicine. So, I’ll let you read that when it comes out later in the month. ( Still at the printers, its very exciting and we really want to see it in print )

The freshest springtime soup  Is a bowl of warming and welcoming heartiness. Made with the freshest seasonal ingredients and your personal love. You can really use many vegeatbles, and additions to this recipe. However the core is the beetroot, garlic and coconut cream.


Heres the vegetable  ingredients all peeled, clean and cut into bite size pieces. You can addd others as you wish.  Pop them all in a big saucepan.

5 big juicy red and raw beetroots, 5 carrots, three brown onions, 2 capsicums,

6 cloves of garlic, a big knob of ginger, a big knob of turmeric,

Then we add the liquid today it was 2 x 400ml cans of coconut cream, the juice of five oranges, three cups of water. Pour allof this over the vegetables in the pot until the pot is almost full.

And we added some extras I always use a gluten free, msg free powder vegetable stock instead of salt in these soups, so I added two tablespoons of this. And I add some chilli to taste. I love Tempeh, so I cut a big slab of roasted Tempeh into bite size pieces and added this to the pot.

Then we cook it  I just bring the whole pot to the boil, and simmer it for at least an hour. And then turn off the heat. because this is a special soup to be served as a Sunday afternoon celebration with friends I shall be adding 30ml to each soup bowl of Contreau the delicious orange liquor at the time of serving. Just splash some over each full bowl of soup and you will have something truly special to share. Here is a pic of the result. So healthy and warming on cooler days and nurturing too. I don;t blend this soup. I love the bite size pieces of the soft and cooked vegetables. You can blend it if you want. Also you can add big handfuls of diced up fresh  greens from the garden at the time of serving, think, mint, parsley and coriander.

Yes one more thing. To up the protein in this recipe I sprinkle on slithered Australian Almonds as a garnish to each bowl. And you can garnish with fresh orange slices to give it that real yummy orange energy and add some fresh vitamin C.

Have a great day and I trust you enjoy this soup and have enjoyed my blog today.

Sat Nam and with love as always

Dom xooxx




This is the result of our Delsih Herby Beetroot soup.