Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is so amazing

For the rest of this week I am at Teacher training for Kundalini Yoga. Well not just this week. Its been going on for a few months seriously as the first part of my training involved the White Tantra Workshop In Sydney in September. And of course I have been doing my daily yoga Kriyas at home, and I do attend a weekly class with my teacher Lee and other students.

For years I’ve had a book hanging around the book shelf in The Herbal dispensary by Guramukh called  ” the Eight Human Talents” I got it when Owen our youngest son was a small boy about 13 years ago, and its truly been a light of inspiration for me in so many ways. I have fairly good personal discipline, so every year in February I get this book off the shelf and spend two weeks on each section. Totaling 16 weeks of yoga practice a year. I would read about one specific talent and read the chapter, then commit myself to one hour a day when I would do the exercises for this talent and feel very smug in my yogic discipline. Then earlier this year I started to take yoga more seriously as I discovered the amazing health benefits to myself in regards to stress reduction as I was working on the new book.” The Magic of Food as Medicine” and it went from there. I understood very quickly that I need to learn this properly and that will enable me to help my patients further with empowerment and self healing technologies.

For those of you who didn’t know it… and for those of you who did know…. I have embarked on the amazing journey of Yoga Teacher training. The Style of Yoga that I have been training is is Called Kundalini Yoga. It is a traditional Northern Indian yoga that was introduced to the West in the Woodstock Era by Yogi Bhajan. However that information is not so relevant to this blog, because I want to share with you what  this experience is like….. what its really about and how this can help us all.


This is because there is so much evidence now to show that yoga, meditation and flexibility of mind and body can reduce risk factors for many ailments and help us all stay healthier as we age. There is a lot of research going into this area and I think that combined with good nutritional and herbal medicines that yoga and meditation are the emerging trends for preventative health care in the future. And, I think its an amazing tool to have in my toolbox of health skills.

I’m not posting herbal orders  for the rest of this week and will talk with anyone who leaves me messages early next week when I’m back on deck in the medicineroom, that was already posted on the November schedule blog and also on  our facebook page…. So, you already knew that. I’m not cooking as we have amazing caterers.making raw vegetarian lunches, lush cooked dinners and ” Shakti Chocolate” which is a combination of raw cocao powder, coconut oil, chilli, cinnamon and honey topped up with hot water. You need to keep stirring  this brew with a spoon to stop the coconut oil from seperating . And, this is the amazing drink we have at 5am before morning “Sadhana” which is your daily and personal yoga practice. where we listen to the worlds longest Gurumukh ( Northern Indian Sikh language) translation of universal wisdom and then we do yoga for about 45 minutes before we sing for an hour beautiful Aquarian chants which we all know by heart and so there is a room full of  beautiful voices which is a real treat.

The days are amazingly short, considering we spend the whole day from 5.30am till evening learning how to teach yoga. Its a really wonderful journey to see how chants, meditation and physical exercises can effect our mind, body and soul. Kundalini yoga is different from other styles of yoga because it teaches you to go within yourself to get the healing and the answers to your lifes questions. It is an internal yoga where our journeys are all different and the yoga provides you with the tools to access your own truth. I love that aspect of this yoga. It is the yoga for meditation therapies if you really want peace, stress relief and practical applications to your daily life.

So, when you come and see me and we talk about herbs…. don’t be surprised if I ask you about meditation, yoga and whether you have considered these as good options to help heal your body from a myriad of illnesses. we are learning about reducing blood pressure with chanting and postures, increasing circulation, cleansing your liver, strengthening your whole body and ballancing digestion. Meditation for risk factor reduction of many chronic and scary illnesses as well as how to look after our energy, your energy and many really lovely ways to stay healthy using yoga.

I am so blessed to be taught by the most beautiful young Woman Sat Siri who flew in from America to teach us this week. She was a student of Gurumukh who’s book was my inspiration in this journey and also we have a great team of Mahanraj and her crew who are the best angels you could ever imagine supporting us on every step of the journey. My other teacher in this course who I yet to meet is in this photo attached , Guru Das lives overseas, but. he is well known in the Northern NSW area where  we are training as a fabulous Yoga musician. Thats something else about this course that is so good. the Music. We sing all day, and we are learning that music is such a powerful medicine. As I write this blog, the sound of guitars is filtering up the stairs from my fellow yogis whoa re singing downstairs, they always play music and sing, Its so beautiful. Especially since every song is ancient uplifting and gorgeous to listen to. Kundalini yoga uses the specific energy of each chant physically to push on pressure points in the mouth which have a direct link to the brain. Then there is the hearing aspect and singing aspect of the music. We bathe ourselves in its wonderful energy and it helps us get well. Just playing uplifting music at home can help you feel better and also help you heal faster from illness. So imagine if you were chanting in your meditation? Imagine how fast you would feel well?

If you are interested in yoga, then make time to attend a class in your local area. This style of yoga really appeals to me because it goes within. Its focus is on your individual development and the teacher is only applying the ancient technologies of this yoga without any alterations. Its very traditional as it aims for specific yet individual results with each person. Its not the style of yoga where you just turn up to the room and have physical exercise. In a Kundalini yoga class you can expect to have a warm up. a Kriya which is a set of specific yoga exercises for 45 minutes or so, then a deep meditation relaxation and if you are lucky some chanting. It all depends on the teachers choices. I guess the point of difference is that we walk away from each class like we have had a mental spring clean. All the little issues in life that were worrying us when we entered the class have been disolved and our minds are clear and we feel fresh and ready to start the next part of the day with a clear mind. The clarity of mind is fabulous with Kundalini yoga, not to mention the increased flexibility of body and the clam, peaceful emotional state that is developed in the class. Amazing stress relief. I just love it.


Key points I have to share with you are 

1. Breathe deeply and steadily . Breathe slowly, deeply and if you are ever worried or stressed, Just remember, The relief is in your next breathe in, and out, deep and slow. Try to breathe really low into your whole chest and fill your lungs with good fresh air.

2. Eat well and make sure you have lots of fresh fruits and vegetable sin your diet. ( I always say that)

3. Find a good yoga studio near where you live. It doesn’t have to be Kundalini, there are many styles of yoga to practice. But the key is to do it…. just do it….

4. Get on You tube and look up Yogi Bhajan, Guramukh and Kundalini yoga and see for yourself some of the interesting and beneficial health benefits of this yoga.

5. You are better off to attend a group class and learn to meditate under the guidance of an experienced teacher to pick up the hints and tips about meditation and the deeper aspects of yoga. Then you can take it home and apply it in your daily life.

6. Wear hats and head pieces. Did you know that wearing a head piece can help hold the 26 parts of your cranium together and act as preventative to illness, including depression caused from your head being out of alignment ? Its so simple.

7. You can make Golden milk with turmeric, honey, almond milk and spices. It is delicious and acts as an anti inflamatory when you are doing yoga or exercise all day.

Anyway, that’s my little catch up blog to fill you all in on my week. Have a beautiful day and remember to breathe, stay well and I look forward to our next meeting. I am really enjoying this experience and I do know that yoga has helped me optimalise my health and my ability to work effectively in teh medicineroom. It helps me stay calm and steady in all kinds of environments and stressors and it really does contribute to good health. Yoga is not a religion, a cult nor a weird concept. it is a practice we can all do for ourselves, to help ourselves be our best self.

Sat Nam and with love as always

Dom xoxoox



Kundalini yoga teacher training is an amazing experience this week for me.






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