The Importance of Rest….. yes…. you included my friends

Rest is so important. Its the time when our bodies rejuvenate on the physical, mental , emotional and soul levels. Rest is when we do our internal repair work and we integrate and process everything that has happening since the last rest.

When we get enough rest we are strong in nervous support and we do not operate on energy that is shaky to ourselves, let alone everyone else. What I am refering to is the strength of the nervous system is always our number one target when patients come to me with exhaustion, stress, over work, depression, emotional issues, over active minds, tired bodies and also when your mind is a whirl wind of action, thoughts and you just can’t relax. Any of these above to me is a big call to strengthen the nervous system, respect immunity,  slow the body down, rest and just give yourself the grace of time to allow your wonderful self healing to play its dance of rejuvenation and repair.

How do you know when you need rest? Well for me its fairly simple. I feel tired. We all do know when we are running on adrenal energy and secreting hormones such as noradrenaline and cortisol because we feel that buzz of overdoing it when we are tired. You are pushing through that wall of your comfort zone and intuitively, if we listen that little voice in our head is probably telling us to REST….

If you find yourself fueling up on stimulants such as coffee, tea, chilli, cinnamon, chocolate and needing a sugar buzz you can  assume you are in the territory of ” being in need of rest” Stimulants are good at the time, how ever they do tend to worsen the situation and mask whats really going on. yes, you can just drink coffee all day if you like… However your body will cringe if you do this all the time and thats a real open door for illness to walk in on and we all want to be well and as healthy as we can. So, cut these stimulants back to the minimum and watch yourself in action….. How are you today? Do you have exhaustion? headaches? irritation? If the answer is yes, then I would up my rest processes and start a recovery plan to help prevent chronic exhaustion effecting your life.

Lavender is possibly my number one herb for exhaustion. Smell the essential oil, have some extract or drink it in herbal tea form. Lavender helps you feel good on all levels. It works deeply on your soul, your body, your mind and your emotions giving us the feeling that everything is really OK. Essential oils such as rose, lemon, rosemary and sandlewood really help us feel good too. Keep the nice smells coming on days when you are tired. It help uplift you. Did I mention peppermint? well massage peppermint balm into your feet, your shoulders, your spine, your chest and your tummy. That is also on my list of favorite essential oils and herbs to uplift, balance and repair tired people in the gentlest and most graceful way. In fact, have a massage….. that’s such great circulatory relief, muscular relief and mentally relaxing.

If you did not get enough sleep last night and you started the day tired. Then you need to take immediate action and if you can stop the day’s scheduled activities and rest that is the body’s ideal path to wellness and recovery. However that is not always possible. so this is   the day to take extra deep breathes and there is a really great yoga tip to help you get re energised and feel more on track and aware of the day. Simply take three deep breathes in and out every half hour or so…. OK, you can set the timer, but keeping a little note on your computer to remind you to breathe deeply really can help pull you through those days in a healthier way. If you wake up in the night take some passion flower and some valerian to really help relax the body and quieten the mind. During the day take stress relieving combinations such as melissa and hypericum to help strengthen you through the day and prepare you for a good nights sleep tonight… Add some echinacea in al of these blends for cellular energy and repair and also immunity.

Jet Lag…. Yes our old friend.. needs to be addressed. This is really one time when you need to just rest as much as possible following the new time zone as much as possible and eating to the new schedule as much as possible. Exhaustion from travel is something that can not be helped. Not matter how much you did or did not sleep on the journey you need to adjust the body and meditation , walking and cat naps are surely your best friend on these days. The herbs panax ginseng and echinacea combined really help with this recovery and need to be taken daily for about three to five days at either end of the trip to help you get ready for the journey and to help you recover. Other adrenal supporting herbs include rehmannia and siberian ginseng.

If you wake up all night stressed,worried and just not able to sleep due to anticipation or worry. Then you need to make time to rest as much as possible the next day. If you have been in pain in the night then taking antiinflammatory herbs such as turmeric, ginger, hops and gotu kola really help.

Your vibration energy is so important. If you vibrate to a stressed level of energy and you are tense in the body or mind, then you really have the perfect breeding ground for illness. The fastest way to illness is to continuously lack rest. If you vibrate on a relaxed, happy and contented energy, then that is the fastest path to wellness, because your body is feeling good, it will help you stay healthy and your nervous system will be happy and your immunity will stay stronger. That is fairly logical to me.

So, do what ever it takes to be relaxed, everyday. meditation is awesome, yoga, walking, resting, making time for yourself, eating good foods, laughter, happiness, having your vocation as your vacation. Loving life and having appreciation for what you do , where you are and your place in life. Drop the negativity and let the happy energy help keep you healthy, and rest is the fastest path to creating this relaxed and happy vibration. Regular deep sleep and regular time to yourself in silence and in peace. Make your own way of doing this. We all need to create our own processes for wellness.

 Some tips on creating rest for yourself in any situation even if you have a few minutes. Remember that the faster we address the situation and repair our body from over extension that leads to exhaustion, then the sooner we are well and it does not develop into a chronic and everlasting condition that can become difficult to treat yourself and also lead to other illnesses as the consequences of over tiredness lead to adrenal fatigue, thyroid and hormonal issues, chronic disease states that were underlying in the body and also lowered immunity which creates vulnerability on all levels.

1. Rest during the day when you are tired physically or mentally. Just stop, Yes have a siesta, a cat nap, a lie down on the floor in corpse pose for ten to thirty minutes and just breath deeply and calm yourself down and let the day drop away from your mind. You will find that when you get up again from your little rest you will be refreshed and ready to continue the day with extra energy.

2. Rest your digestive tract by eating light and non acidic foods. These are fresh raw salads, fresh roasted and cooked vegetables, fruits, and some light foods that contain proteins. You can also drink fresh fruit and vegetabel juices. Make smoothies with super greens such as our favorite spirulina, maqui berry and chia seeds. Add banana, yoghurt and some lovely almond milk. Snack on some nuts or raisins for extra vitality and stay away from alcohol, heavy meats and acid forming foods when you are in need of rest

3. Breathe deeply when you become aware to breathe. Remind yourself through the day to stop in your tracks, take three deep breaths and then just get on with the day. Do this every half an hour if you can have the discipline on days when you are exhausted. Or even when you are awake in bed in the middle of the night, start some deep breathing and that will bring your body into a deeper state of relaxation.

4. Don’t be over sensitive if you can help it and take it a bit slower when you are tired and need rest. Just make that time and have that grace within yourself to slow down the day and don’t try to rush through it because you feel so flattened. Make an extra effort to be patient with others, speak kind words and relax yourself physically when ever you can. Sit down more, talk less, breathe deeper, eat lighter foods, smile more and just get to that rest as often as you can and as soon as you can. If you are tired the number one rule is to prioritise where you put your energy and take it each minute at a time. Once again herbs help here, such as cats claw, astragalus, chamomile, hops, green oats, olive leaf, echinacea, hypericum, melissa, and rehmannia.

5. water is the fastest way to change your energy. If you are really tired, go for a swim, have a bath, shower or just splash water on your face and wash your hands. And do it again, and again, and again in the day when you are tired. Water is the best way to relax your body, clear your energy fields and just feel better. Let the tensions wash away and renew yourself with fresh energy. Its logical too. because we have so much water in us, it makes sense to me that when water is without, then water within is effected in a positive way and rejuvenates the cells. yes drink water too, Its within you and you will feel clearer and your circulation will be improved as you flush the toxins from the body and become clearer. Drinking water really turns your brain on and helps you focus. This is what you need when you are tired. Clear focus.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog and I trust you will make time to rest well each day. Sleep at least seven hours a night when you can, make sure you eat at least three hours before you go to sleep so that your digestive tract is not working away while your body is in repair mode and be kind to yourself. We can’t get enough rest everyday of our lives, so appreciate the days when you can and be gentle and follow some of my tips on the days you can’t.

Be joyful and relaxed as often as you can. Its your right and the fastest path to optimal wellness.

Sat Nam and with love as always

Dom xoxoox

Lavender is very helpful on tired bodies and minds. Its nurturing and help syou feel good in so many ways.