Woodford Folk Festival here we come. In Lotus Lane


We are ready! Yes. The medicineroom will be at the Woodford Folk Festival from Dec 27th till January 1st.

Come and say hello and enjoy our free clinics with my gorgeous team of helpers. I feel so blessed to have three wonderful naturopaths/ herbalists working with me Karen Wallace from WA, Elizabeth Greenwood from QLD and Laeh Searle from NSW. Also we have my ever beautiful Angels my son Alex, Jarrah and Bon Bon on deck to help you in any way we can.

What we offer is beautiful herbal products and free clinics. yes as you know we only offer 100% free clinics because thats the way we like to do business. we have Herbal extracts ready formulated to help you stay well and deal with any ills and ailments that need addressing in the festival environment. These start at 50ml bottles and we are able to help you with herbs, herb drug interactions, therapeutic dosage and time frames to take the herbs.

We also have our divine and original herbal elixir shots. Yes 30ml’s of therapeutic herbs to help you stay well, a daily tonic and a daily dose of goodness. we have the beautiful herbal skin balm , nectar and our new herbal perfume body spray range.

And, we are launching the latest book. THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE in The Blue Lotus Venue on the 28th at 11.45am. The book will be available in the medicineroom. One for $30 or two for $50. The same deal we offer you when you visit us face to face in our clinics at Eumundi Markets. Our first book, THE WELLNESS ZONE is in its 2nd edition and also for sale in the stall.

The MedicineRoom opens at 9.30am daily and runs till 9.30pm for totally free clinical services, advice, herbs, balms, nectars, elixirs and herbal perfumes. Every time you buy something, you fill out the voucher and go n the draw for three vouchers valued from $100 which we draw on the 1st January 2013 for three lucky winners.

We look forward to seeing you there.

We will be at Eumundi markets this week the 19th and the 22nd. Then at The Woodford Folk festival and after that we will be back at Eumundi Markets on teh 9th January.

Sat Nam and with Love as always Dom xox


Our summer schedule is Eumundi Markets and Woodford Folk Festival