Dom’s interviews at The Woodford Folk Festival on You Tube

This year I  interviewed some of the presenters in The Folk Medicine Program again. This is our 7th year of the program and each year I like to chat with presenters and find out about their work and lifestyle. I like to ask them about their highlights in the festival and film our little chats for archiving some memories of the Folk Medicine Program and also to educate people who watch the interviews about some great emerging, traditional, and academic health topics.

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One of the aspects of my work that I just love is communicating with fellow health care professionals about what they do, and how they do it! I feel so blessed to be able to meet so many wonderful people.

This year I had some beautiful conversations and here they are for you to click onto and enjoy. 

Bernard Gardiner Public Health Advocate for Gay, Lesbian, biosexual and transgender communities about Risque business.

Lucas Lindblom a most interesting young man on Conscious living

Tai Chi Master Rod Fergusson

Dr Sarah Buckley on Hormones during the process of birth

Comedian Luke Escombe on Chronic the comedy show.

Lee Hardisty Kundalini yoga class was filmed and edited for enjoyment too.

Global Kirtan Musician Kevin James Carroll chatted with me about his amazing work.

Hypnotherapist and Psychologist Helen Grant on her new book Happy Apples.

Shamanism practitioner Heather Price on the eight ways of shamanism.

Bali Yoga with Fey Berndetta

Dr Nirala Jacobi on Environmental Medicine

Andy Copeman and Laurel Hefferon on on Cacao ceremonies and orgasmic sex workshops

You can visit The  Woodford Folk festival web site for details on the program and the vent itself. The Festival runs from December 27th till January 1st annually. It is a showcase of fantastic music, dance, speakers, drama, street theatre, food, and of course health care. Applications for presentations open in Feb each year online and close in May.

The Wonderful Woodford Folk Festival Web site

Bali Yoga at The Blue LotustaichivillagegreenWoodfordia

We presented six different styles of yoga. This pic is Bali Yoga with Fey Berndetta in the Blue Lotus Venue.

We just love being involved with The Folk Medicine Program and this year there were over 70 presenters who shared everything from Yoga, academia, research, health education, workshops, ceremonial rituals, dance and discussions on trends in our health culture.

Tai Chi in The Village green each morning attracted hunderds of people. The weather was stunning and Tao Chi very popular by the water starting another fabulous festival day off for these exercisers.

New Years Morning on The Hill top was stunning as we watched the sun come up and enjoyed this amazing skyscape.

Every Festival is special to me. And, this one was too. Thank you to everyone who made The Folk Medcine Program so wonderful and the moments we shared were so special.


There are lots of other interviews with presenters from previous years on my channel too. Enjoy and if yuo want to subscribe to my channel yyou will get the films as they are uploaded each time. I sometimes do health ones and if I go to an event I might add some clips from that too. click here for my you tube channel link. dominique finney


Sat Nam and with love as always Dom xoxo