Stepping up for 2013 with boundless excellence and love

So, here we are in January 2013. 

So, its time to step up again and just shine. Sparkle your truth, your joy and live your life in the best way you can. Its important to do that now, because everything is not as it was….. yes things have changed for all of us and we have had  some fairly interesting and dynamic energy shifts within ourselves. All of us… we  have all experienced something special that has changed our worldview and shifted our consciousness. Its that little manifestation of the universal wisdom in our mind, body, emotions and soul. It can be unexpected yet welcomed. Sometimes it takes a while to grasp newness and it can be confusing, However its all about embracing the truth.

 think about how we use our energy in all regards to make 2013 a more open and loving year, creating potential and a form of more openness, boundlessness and creativity in all we do. Connection is the key. Just do something fully. Put 100% of your attention and focus on what you are doing/being  now! Its a simple way to get the most out of anything. And really, if you can’t put 100% into something, then you may need to rethink your course. and reprogram your life.

Whenever you connect with someone else, you both find a common point of frequency that you connect on, This is usually a medium point where you are both comfortable and where you operate in your highest state of bliss that the other person can accept.  This is when you meet another ” Like minded ” person. Or you ” get it” on some level with someone that creates connection.  This happens every time we have communications with anyone else. Its the humanness of being human. We connect with animals, the earth, and this connection can be emotionally satisfying, or it can be uncomfortable, or it can be stressful, or it can be blissful, or it can be anything. \

But, it is always at a common point where the lower energy is the limitation of the moment  So, the two will meet at that point. The highest common ground where they connect. Or the lowest, depending on the agenda and the people involved. Yogi Bhajan from Kundalini yoga said that we always meet someone at a chakra. So what chakra are you coming from? Then we can work to raise their vibration. I like that and it does feel true.  It can be basal, energetic, heart felt, , it can be mental, psychic, spiritual or universal. You can feel anything in grief, it can be in joy, it can be in a false state, it can be real, it can be truth. It can be whatever you want? So, what do you want? Consciously chose to raise the vibration of the moment and that is why some people just enhance how you feel, you feel good around certain people for a reason.

Thats because they are raising your vibration and its a perfect connection We want to experience more higher levels of consciousness and resonate towards people who help us feel good. Being with people who are on the same frequency as yourself is what you want to do, this is because you both can feed and give to the other and optimalise both of your lives. And group work is awesome here, group meditations, and group gatherings where people just get more energy together in every way. The deep personal work that two people can do in tantric connections when the vibration is high can transcend lives and turn your creativity and personal empowerment on to new levels of consciousness. As you tap into the universal power of two. And, we all know that two people are more powerful than one. Imagine what you could achieve and the potential for personal growth when you are vibrating at a high level of consciousness, truth and bliss. This is the most powerful healing on all levels.

It is rare to connect with others in a way that imprints onto both of your hearts and souls.  And when your energy connects with another person who is operating on a similar frequency as yourself that is truly meeting a like minded soul. This is really the most beautiful way to connect, And there is a feeling of unconditional trust, love and understanding that is not measurable, nor limited. There are no differences to disolve and  and all become one with each other and see the other person as yourself. You merge into oneness and a special connection is created. When this does happen, and you are sharing energy with others in this way, make sure you lok after that connection and not dilute it in any way. These are the opportunities to follow your truth and to grow deeper into your own understanding and life path. Follow them and see where they take you, They can happen in all your environments and often they are universal messages that transcend all the physical limitations and allow you to really shine and sparkle beautifully. When these connections happen just be grateful.

Offer support, understanding and help remember the words of Nelson Mandela when he said  ( my take on this and not a quote here) that we all need to shine and by us allowing ourselves to be our best selves then we unconsciously allow others around us to do the same. I like that, as then we can all be wonderful together , in our own ways and allow that in others.

What would happen if you didn’t pull back your energy? Just think about that potential. Imagine when you communicate with others that you are free and that you are open. How can we do this to the potential? How can we do this with integrity, and is it available for all? This is a good thing to try. Just do it, Next time you are with someone in any situation, be the one to stay open to the energy flow and see what happens. You never know, you both might stay open and experience something wonderful. You might find commonality in energy frequencies with people in unexpected ways and you may learn something great about yourself that expands your ways of communication and openness. You might even feel some magic. Yah…. now thats a gift. Find your point of comfort with another person, take a deep breathe and relax further into the situation. Then see where it takes you. Are you able to relax more? become more comfortable?

There are some great herbs to help you release tensions that hold your energy back. Herbs are our first medicine, and they are blessed to contain so many energetic qualities as well as physical qualities. Hypericum is my favorite nervine and antidepressant. There is a load of German research showing it to be as effective as biomedical antidepressants. And it is the best herb in stressful and busy environments. What I really love about herbs is that they allow you to experience the feelings you have, and to release them so that you truly have let them go…. release what no longer serves you and do this constantly.

That is the key and hypericum is my herb of choice for this job. Just let it go gracefully. Other herbs for this are Valerian, passionflower, hops and chamomile. But really we are all individual and I often formulate herbs taking your specific energetics and the qualities you want to enhance in your life into account. This is the power of herbs, they really work on every level and when you take a specific person into account we can create a formula to help all physical ailments and also address the core issues, the underlying emotions, and even the qualities that the person wants to take on and enhance in life. Energetic medicines are flowers, plants, crystals, perfumes, herbs, foods and affirmations.

Water is the best energetic medicine. Just plunge your bady in water and you will change your energy and refresh yourself. We love water. Go swimming, feel the coolness of a river or the ocean, feel the openness of space and time and boundlessness as you resonate with water. It is a complete feeling of oneness. Just allow that medicine to heal everything. After all, we are over 75% water, so that would be our easiest way to alter our energy. Take on some of these strategies and 2013 will be beautiful as you open up more and more to your potential, each day a little shift is good. When you really embrace water, then you feel it through your whole being. Your mind becomes still and you go into a deep trance like meditation that is powerfully healing and allows you to have a feeling of completeness and absolute joy. Surrender to the water ( we do) !

What if you explored relationships to their true potential and recognised and treasured those people who you do have a boundless potential with. Look after them, as they will look after you. Yes, trust, trust, trust combined with the highest good for all and love. Its in us all. This was something that I discussed in the Vibrational Medicine Forum on New Years day at The Woodford Folk Festival. It was so good to explore this topic in conversation and we discovered that everyone wants that lush openness, however we can only take it as far as we know at any point in time. Thats why its always safe to be open to others, because the natural boundaries of the emotional weighing between the two of you will fine the limit, or the unlimitness of the union.

There is nothing to have but trust. Trust that you relate perfectly to others all the time and just flow. Start with the people and situations that your body and mind and emotions naturally feel comfortable with, expand the connection with them and then move out in the world. Sometimes we just feel a natural trust with someone else, and thats perfect. Expand these feelings and grow organically outwards as you relax more into the flow of your new awarenesses. Don’t be afraid when youfeel too much love, when it gets too deep for your current limitations, because that is the moment of connection and that is the moment of change when your heart has opened up more and it can only expand from here. Embrace it and make time for more!

Our personal experiences  can eventually teach us that we are beautiful within, we are bountiful and blissful and that when we go really deeply into ourselves , we like what we see and using tools such as  affirmations, self development, rebirthing, meditatIng, yoga,  fasting and having a focus of steel in what you do.  Study and completion are our strongest friends. Find your ways and your little tricks to open up more, Write poetry, keep a journal. paint, hitch hike, do whatever feels right.

Live with the love, not the fear. See where it takes you. Look for your own highest qualities in others and be that mirror of energy. Reep the rewards. No one can ever say to us that the benefits of these disciplines are not the greatest reward in our life. Seek out that energy and when you find recognise its value. This is because the more work you put into these aspects of yourself, the deeper you can connect to others and the greater the potential is that you will radiate light and love with like minded people at a very potent way.

So, always remember that the time you spend in silence,meditation and doing the personal work will bring you to the place you need to be, it will bring you home to your bliss with others if you allow that to happen. And, that is the highest form of relationship. Just be where you are today and decide what you want? what do you want? And really think about what is going to serve you well now and in the future and release, sacrifice, drop and delete the things that are not for that goodness and for the goodness of all. Sometimes the process of letting go of old ways can be painful and difficult because we have created a way that may have worked then, but not now. It no longer serves your highest good. So, it no longer can have the grace of your energy.

To achieve more openness its good to have develop some strong factors in your favor and these factors will determine the level of contact that is available to you. Its good to think in terms of unity and be in a space where you want to give to others, asking  yourself how you can contribute to any given moment.  Looking at some philosophies that work such as the work of the Dalai Lama we can all learn to be optimal in our path of service.

Generosity in spirit, be compassionate, be able to live in your heart and mind with integrity,and have grace, dignity and acceptance. Its helpful to be available for the experiences and pick up the encoded signals that the universe puts in your path.  Using our intuition is a gift. Then you need to learn how to handle the experiences and be open to more. If you develop yourself towards these qualities, then you will find that as you feel more comfortable and have deeper connections with those rare and special souls who have the same frequency as you do, and meet you in that special and intimate place of complete love and trust. Pretty awesome isn’t it?

A Clean diet is great assett too. Make time to detox, make time to cleanse, make time to allow those cob webs in the corner of your soul to be released and revitalise yourself in this newness. Be open to your own changes and watch yourself develop and grow. A good and regular detox therapy is handy. In My book The Wellness Zone we have written over 68 page son detox therapies. I love detoxing. It clears me everywhere I need clearing and it really is the first strategy for wellness. Regular detox therapies can help you to be more open, to see your own limitations and disolve them. Just loose that attachment to foods, to drinks to habits of eating and to the prcesses that you do everyday.

Food is a powerful connection with lifestyle and when we decide to stop having coffee for a week, or to give up alcohol, or to stop eating meat, or to have a raw fruit diet, or green diet, or juice cleanse, or water fast. That is  decision to help your body and a decision to step up into a pure and cleaner way of living. So, just making time for a good dietary shake around is perfect in every way to help you feel more connection with yourself and what you are able to do with yourself when you are strict and disciplined.

Food control is a great discipline and one that you can really observe how you respond. Its an excellent training ground for deeper connection and work with your health in so many ways, as you begin to understand your own true limits, watch your thoughts and see what your will power is doing with each day. Try a weekend detox? a week of salads and juices? a 40 day cleanse? See where that takes you?

I wish that you have a gorgeous year 2013 with deeper connections, greater health and a more open heart and of course a good herbal blend to help you take on the qualities you need and to release the old to allow a newness to enter your mind, body  heart and soul following your highest path to wellness.

Read my new book. The Magic of Food as Medicine for the latest evidence base to Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs as medicine using kitchen techniques at home.

Sat Nam and with love as always