Summertime detox. Its time…… a good plan for all of us……

Hello and welcome to my 2013 summer detox blog. I want to share with you some good ideas to help you feel revitalised, energised and ready to start the new year with energy, joy and focus.  

The best way to detox is to take a whole body approach where you address your mind, body, emotions and soul. Where you really sit in the moment with awareness that you are truly spirit having human experience and that the manifestation of the human body is the result of so much more. A detox is the release of the old and the opening of energy channels to allow the new and vital to enter. Making room for the deeper and current you to shine forward and just sparkle with your beautiful, blissful and bountiful life. Now that is surely worth the effort.

Its interesting the different ways that we chose to Detox and cleanse ourselves.So many people have been asking me about cleansing and detox strategies, so I decided it was time to do a little post festival season blog on ideas to help you regain your mojo, be inspired and just feel that buzz of freshness. And we all want to feel good.

The number one successful strategy of cleansing is non attachment.  Attachment equals agenda, and agenda often relates to habits and certain things happening at a particular time of the day. So, reschedule when you detox. Until you can get the art of attachment releasing down pat, then you will need to take yourself physically out of some situations to help you in the process. Or sit with that little uncomfortable feeling of attachment and chose to release it then and there. Simply take a deep breathe in and then release the breathe, Voila, released. Its as hard or easy as you want to make it. So, make non attachment an easy option for your detox plan and you will be much happier.

This makes it so much easier  to release your daily attachment to whatever it is you want to detox from. If you are looking at a habit such as coffee, alcohol, smoking, addiction, mental behaviours, emotional patterns, mind games you play. Develop mind focus that allows you to just say ” No” to whatever it is that you want to detox from. and “Yes” to the process of non attachment. This is true no matter what kind of detox you are doing, Physical body detox, mind detox, emotional detox or soulful detox. Combining all four is my ideal  then you release all that no longer serves you and you become detached to agendas on all levels. Its pretty empowering and beautiful. Use your support systems and get help when you need it. That may be choosing a lessor toxic option to replace the addiction. Thats ok too. Just practice non attachment . Just flow and have intention. That is the best anyone can do.

Ways to release from attachment  and make your detox as comfortable as possible  are:

1. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids depending on the style of detox you are on so that you are constantly flushing the body of toxins and remind yourself mentally that this is what you are doing, so you feel good in the process.

2. Take vitamin C powder for the first three to five days of the detox process to allow your liver to flush through the toxins and cleanse the body faster and gently.

3. Stay away from places and people who are going to encourage you to participate in actions that are not in line with your detox non attachment philosophy. Ie, don’t hang out with smokers if you want to stop smoking, or don;t go to a restaurant for dinner if you ware having a strict food regime, or don’t go to bars for drinks if you ware trying to avoid alcohol, ( You absolutely get this message here) until you feel comfortable to be strong and non attached to the items you are trying to stay away from, do not expose yourself to the environments where they are tempting you.

4. Use mental affirmations about the goodness you are doing your body and allow yourself to appreciate your strictness and mind power to allow your body the beautiful grace of rejuvenation. and use your breathe, Deep breathing is the number one healing tool we all have on tap. Be positive and be committed to the process. Remind yourself that every moment in detox is a great opportunity to accelerate the changes you need to in your body and prepare yourself for the new energy to emerge. Trust me, it will.

Eventually you will not be tempted by diversions in your detox plan. . And thats good. If you are a regular detox person, then this writing about non attachment may not effect you at all. Its wonderful to be able to go into your normal environments and just enjoy that peppermint tea, pure water or be within your restrictions and spend time with everyone else no matter what they are doing. And, that is the empowerment of sustainability in the detox process. which brings me to the commitment process. I know many people who have a focus of titanium and just get on with a detox like a military operation and they stay relaxed in mind, emotions and body because a plan is in place and they know it works. Do that yourself. Put a plan in place and trust it will work.

Commitment is temporary on a detox plan as your body will change its needs depending on many factors OK, so we commit to a time frame. thats good. One day, One week, two weeks, 21 days , 40 days, 90 days. Perfect. However we need to look at each day and take the detox process either up a notch, or lighten it a bit depending on your energy levels, health status and how you feel mentally and emotionally. Some days you are just riding that wave of bliss and nothing can stop you fasting on water all day as you feel euphoric. The next day you have crashed against the pavement and you are so tired that its almost impossible to stand up let alone drink a glass of water. Then the next day you are emotionally releasing something, maybe just down right pissed off at the world, or yourself. Then you come out of that little personal tragedy and you are riding that wave of awesomeness again. ( See what I mean) each day is different, and you can even be four seasons in one day. So adjust the foods. And you can chose to focus on one thing if you want.

You may decide to do a one week detox from your mobile phone. That is one week without it….. Thats a form of detox. You might chose to have juices only for a weekend, or no alcohol during the week. You may decide that you will detox from teh television, no television. These are all detoxes and they all are very beneficial. Or, you may want a dietary based detox where you cleanse your body. Its all good. You have the right to chose whatever you want. It is your beautiful body here and you know what you need better than anyone else.

Go with the flow and develop some helpful strategies for a fab detox day…

1 Unless you are a seasoned detoxer do not start the detox plan with pure water fasting. Start instead with fresh cooked and raw fruits and vegetables and juices and cut out the bad habits you decide to cut out.

2. All detox therapies does not need to involve food. If you are detoxing from other habits then take it slowly and talk with someone who knows how to help you. We can help you at the medicineroom. Just talk with us.

3. Get support where you need it, herbals, massage, rest, water therapies, relaxation. Try to delegate household tasks to others and make the most of your day, each day.

4. Change the level of detox depending on the day. If you feel weak and sick, then rest, but up the food to include more fresh juices that support the liver such as my favorite carrot and lemon juice.

5. Read inspirational writings and work of people who have been seasoned detoxers, remind yourself of the reasons why you are detoxing and just stick with the time frame, however as mentioned adjust the level of your detox so that you are making some nice steady progress and getting benefits, yet are not thrashing yourself into a state of despair.

In my first book THE WELLNESS ZONE we have written over 60 pages on detox therapies and in my new book THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE we have so much of the latest evidence base as to why foods are such amazing medicines. However when you decide to detox its because you need to detox. And, you know deep inside that its time. And, when its time for something….. thats it… its time.

When its time….. its time…… so release that old poisons that are caught inside the cells, allow your organs to regenerate and allow yourself to release that emotional, mental and soulful toxicity that has accumulated. Lighten up and radiate to the bliss of clean cells, clean body, clear and focused mind, and a feeling of strength and personal satisfaction that you are not so tempted by those old habits and ways of living. I want to list my favorite detox foods for you.

The magic of a detox is that whatever you have done, no matter what it is, how small, how big…. the benefits are right there for you to encompass in your life. Where you have released that stale energy, you have opened up pathways to newness, to more openness and to more healing in your body, mind, emotions and soul. So, a one day detox is perfect, a 90 day detox is perfect. Whatever is your way is the way.  A journey of a thousnad miles does begin with one step and just keep on taking the next step. Feel whatever works for you and keep doing it.

Dom’s favorite detox foods

1. Lemon. It removes mucous on all levels in digestion, head cavity, cells and it helps eliminate excess acid from the body. Lemon gets in all the little corners and just clears them out so that you are free again. It strips fats from the body and feels fresh inside. Also high in Vitamin C. Take it in juices, with hot water and lemon or just squeeze on foods.

2. Carrots. Beta carotene is the pre to vitamin A. When it doesn’t convert to vitamin A in the body because you already have enough vitamin A, then beta carotene is a super antioxidant and free radical scavenger and just gets in there on a cellular level and flushes out toxins as it works as a super macrophage and gobbles heavy metals, poisons, long term toxins and whatever you don’t need in the body. It is a heavy metal chelate and that is exactly  what we want on a detox. Make carrot juice, grate i n salads, roast, just eat them please!

3. Onions. Silica, once again gets in there on a cellular level and strengthens the cell membranes, making the body strong with integrity and also pulls out long term poisons. Perfect. Make a great detox soup with one or two onions sliced and boiled in some water with a touch of sea salt and a dash of good vinegar or lemon juice. You will be amazed at how good this tastes when you are on a hard core detox plan. And, your body will love you!

4. Peppermint. Cleansing, nourishing, revitalising, and deodorising. Peppermint will aid digestion, it will help you feel as fresh as a daisy and you will be enjoying the deliciousness of its aroma. Its emotionally healing and physically cleansing. peppermint is so good for the whole long tube of your digestive tract and especially great to get in those little pockets and corners of the intestines that tend to accumulate parasites, toxins and long term debris. Drinking peppermint tea is my preffered way, and it just loosens up anything that has build up in digestion that needs to be released. This is releasing on an intestinal level. It also soothes emotions and feels so good to drink. Even on a water fast, I can not resist peppermint tea. I can drink it for days on end and always feel the privledge of peppermint. Graceful, lush, delish.

5. Essential fatty acids. Yes, Flaxseed oil is great to help replace the trans fats and saturated fats with essential omega 3, 6 , 9 fatty acids. This is again about cellular integrity and really strengthens your physical body while you are removing the unwanted toxins. Flaxseed oil taken at 1 tablespoon to three tablespoons a day is great on a detox plan. Once again depending on your dietary regime.

6. Protein. Sustainable 40 to 90 day detox plans need to meet the nutritional needs of the body as well as helping the phase two detox pathway in the liver remove the heavy stuff like hormones, built up environmental toxins, pesticides, insectasides, medical residue, drugs, alcohol etc etc, So, taking protein daily is a great benefit. I recommend 100 grams of protein twice a day. Take protein powder, spirulina, soy or even seafood proteins if that is what is in your dietary regime.

7. Green, Green, Green seaweeds, vegetables, algaes. Keep it green and get it clean. Green wheat grass, green juices, green salads, just lots of chlorophyl which is the most cleansing and rejuvenating way to get you feeling on top of the world again. Green is also high in iron and iron attaches to oxygen in your lungs and carries that oxygen around the body and creates a fabulous respiratory pathway to just have your whole being operating optimally with good blood, good circulation, good cellular respiration and good energy. So, bring on the oxygen and bring on the green foods to strengthen all aspects of your life. The alkalsiing benefits of green are enormous too. Just remember that cancer can not develop in a perfectly balanced alkalised body, so keep it between 7.3 and 7.5 and you will be fine. get some acid alkaline paper stick from the local pharmacy and measure your acidity daily. You will be surprised at what a difference good green foods make in the diet. Kale, spinach, lettuce, green foods, green leaves, green everything.

8. Fruits. My favorite. Fruit is the most cleansing food and it tastes the best. Use seasonal local fruits and don’t forget to add in coconut water for electrolytes, mangoes for iron, berries for antioxidants, citrus for vitamin C, watermelon for lycopene, oh.. the list goes on and on and in my book THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE we detail all of this information, Wow, We love fruits.

Use herbal medicines and support systems from your practitioner as required. we have some herbs that are specifically targeted at detox therapies and they change depending on the person and the situation. Milk thistle is a stand alone herb for the liver and it works to protect the liver in the process of detoxification. Its called a hepato protective herb for very good reason and I would recommend that you take this herb in many detox therapies.

You can use herbs in your cooking, such as turmeric, ginger, mints, and eat foods like globe artichokes and garlic all the time when you detox. Just find the best ones that you like and change the diet daily accordng to what you feel like eating and what you have decided the outcome of the detox plan needs to be.

For a physical detox make sure you look after all aspects of the physical body, The priorities are to get rid of poisons, get a good acid alkaline balance, have optimal body weight and feel fresh and clean. This is done well with juices, fruits, vegetables and good clean water

For an emotional detox the priorities are to drop old modes of behavior that may no longer help you in relationships and in yourself. To alter the way you feel about life in general developing a more heart centered approach to life.  This is done well with writing poetry, journal keeping, rituals and processes to allow you to release old emotional baggage and developing forgiveness for yourself and others. Water is your best friend here as it helps create a newer and more positive energy in your emotional body.

For mental detox you may need to develop some strategies to learn to meditate, to learn stillness, positivity, open mindedness and awareness of your mental responses and reactions to situations. The priorities here may be to make life more simple and less technical and to be focused on tasks and stay on track. Completion and ability to commit to your word and follow through on all that you say.

For spiritual cleansing you will need to look at your soul body and what happens with your own energy and directly around you. Manifestation of ideas, dreams coming true, development of steadiness in character and also in your ability to deal with all situations on all levels. This is where generosity, compassion, self healing and meditation come in really handy as you develop a way forward where you have a calm, peaceful and balanced lifestyle. Keeping all areas of your life clear and clean really help this detox process along.

We love detox therapies and its nice to undertake them several times a year at least. Look after yourself and commit to this and then do your best in the process. I hope you have enjoyed this blog and I can help you specifically if you want some extra information. Be gentle on yourself and just pace yourself in the process. Its a wonderful thing to lift of layers of old toxicity and be fresh and rejuvenated for the year ahead. Take your time, do it your way and make it work for you.

Sat Nam and with love as always

Dom xoxox

Dominique Finney