Herbal Fruit Smoothies are delicious and perfect nutrition

fruit smoothieHerbal Fruit Smoothie are one of our  favorite meals. Yes, its so good to have that perfect fresh tango of flavours going on with raw fruits, herbs, nuts, seeds, and zesty juices or subtle milks.

There are so many ways to make a smoothie that its almost ridiculous to give a recipe. My Latest book. THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE gives you a recipe for a ” Blissfully Happy Smoothie” which is really a list of ideas and then the assembly of the ingredients is really totally your choice.

So in this blog I want to share with you some of my favorites ideas and that will inspire you to make a smoothie and enjoy it ” Blissfully in a happy state of smoothie consciousness” 

Smoothe drinks that have a variety of ingredients blended together are generally the best recovery foods you can have, This is the best way to absorb nutrients and its a great way to disguise nutrients in foods for children who are fussy eaters. Smoothies are the best foods when you are on a detox plan and  want to go a step above juices, and have nutirtional raw ingredients easily digested. Anyone who wants to boost their nutirtional status can add smoothies to their diet and feel the benefits quickly. If you have no appetite, then smoothies are great as you get the health benefits of real food without having to eat much.

If you want to loose weight, If you are under stress, if you are in a hurry and don;t want to prepare food. Then a smoothie can be your best friend.

You need a blender if you want to make a smoothie. We just have a hand held stick in the herbal dispensary and these are all we need. You need a good jug to blend it all in and you need your favorite glasses to serve the drink in. Or if you have a bowl blender , you will not need to jug. Just the glasses.

Here are my favorite ingredients 

To me a great smoothie needs to have these additions and it needs each one of these represented in some way to make a complete meal and to satisfy my Dom radar of smoothie heaven.

raw fruit  

The best raw fruits are seasonal and they are really cool and fresh from the fridge . ( We like cool smoothies they are extra yummy) There is a certain lushness to making a smoothie from fresh, local , organic fruit. The fruit can be added in three ways. It can be fresh, peeled , sliced and added to the blender. Or, it can be fresh juiced in the juicer and added to the blender for the smoothie., or if you are really organised you can make a sorbet or ice cream from the fruit and add this to the smoothie. However generally a delicious smoothie with have one seasonal fruit in it, at about a 30% ratio if whole fruit or ice cream used and a total liquid ratio of about 300ml per person if the juice is being used.

The nutritional benefits of fruit are really based on antioxidants which help keep your body strong and fight against toxins. Also fruits are high in vitamins and minerals. They work as co enzymes and co factors for the synthesis of cellular developments in your body and are fabulous cleansers and strengtheners. Fruits are energising, they convert to usable energy quickly in the body and they are naturally sweet which is always a good thing, ” adding the dolce vita” to life. Eech fruit has so many different qualities and we have written a whole section on  over 40 fruits and their evidence based health benefits in THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE”


This is necessary for good nutritional status. Protein is your cells building blocks, protein is needed to help you have energy, Protein is necessary for everyone. There are some proteins that are essential to your diet and these are known as complete proteins. So, I like to add complete protein in every smoothie.

The ideas here are to buy a pot of protein powder and add one to three scoops into the blender for each smoothie you make. Look at the ratios, add what you think and then you will ensure that your body is getting enough of the good stuff. Pea Protein powder is my favorite as it carries over 85% protein in the powder and it is 100% vegan and yummy. Whey and soy protein powders are available too. Just check them out, see what flavors work for you and go for it. I usually buy the vanilla flavour as they goes with all my smoothies. However I know chocolate smoothies are pretty good too!

Raw egg added to a smoothie will give it a silky smooth velvet texture and is a complete protein source. This is one way to get eggs into the diet if you need them. Eggs are one of the fasted blood building foods and for anyone who is anaemic adding egg to the smoothie may give you a super burst of energy.

The addition of protein to the smoothie generally keeps you full for  hours and turns a drink into a full meal.

super healthy nutritional foods 

I am talking super greens like spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass. We are looking at adding maqui berry, gogi berry, any berry. Chia seeds, specific milks like almond milk, goats milk, cows milk, soy milk. Adding herbal extracts such as ginseng for energy, milk thistle for liver health, hypericum for emotional support , ginger for anti inflammatory, turmeric, etc etc etc. Super healthy additions to the smoothie are the magic factor that turn a drink into a medicine. Yes, just go crazy. Talk with me if you want specific ideas.

Or, we can even make you a little bottle of herbal extract that you add to the smoothie every day and get your dose of medicine at the same time… Other super healthy nutritional ingredients can extend to adding a whole avocado to the smoothie. or the addition of nutritional supplements such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, other minerals and generally all those super foods you may want to disguise behind the silky deliciousness of your smoothie.


For me this is honey, yes we love honey. It also can be a pinch of sea salt, or an extra dash of vanillas essence, a splash of vinegar, the juice of half a lemon, a scoop of my favorite yoghurt, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a chilli. Or it can be making my smoothie so specific in flavour that deliciousness is assured. One example of that is my Mango smoothie. It contains fresh mango pulp, ready juiced mango juice ( so that its not too thick) and mango yoghurt, with chia seeds, vanilla pea protein powder and honey. Yumm. Simple yet delicious.

Another example is Berry Berry Zing as pictured in this blog.

Simple 15ml Maqui berry extract, 15ml Bilberry extract. The pulp of local strawberries, the juice of blueberries. Fresh ginger juice to taste. Almond milk,  some protein powder and vanilla extract and honey. I always like to add yoghurt to smoothies. its the smooth factor. and chia seeds, because they make me feel good.

Enjoy and I trust my blog has inspired you to make some yummy smoothies,

Sat Nam and with Love from Dom

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