Kundalini Yoga with Love. Classes starting in April with Dom and Lee

KRI_Yogi-Bhajan_Wallpaper1600x1200Kundalini Yoga at Maleny Community Centre starting April 10th every Weds evening. 

We  have started teaching Kundalini yoga. This is exciting and classes shall start in April in Maleny. we invite you to come to . Lee Hardisty will be joining me and these classes are going to be offered with live music.


Starting April 10th ( Weds) at 5.15pm till 6.30pm Dom will be teaching Kundalini yoga weekly at the Maleny Community Centre.

You can arrive any time from 5pm for the 5.15pm start. Relax on your mat and get ready for the class in peace.

Cost $10 entry for all ( no children under 13 years please) The yoga room is located at the back of the building by walking down the side alleyway, or park at the back. It is the lovely verandah room with glass doors and carpet. .

Each class will be unique and focused on a specific health aspect for your wellness of mind, body, and spirit. There is so much magic in experiencing a Kundalini yoga class and I loved it so much that I have been to teacher training with International Kundalini teachers Guru Dass and Sat Siri over the last year.My training continues and as I develop more in my own practice I plan to bring it all home to my local classes so we can all benefit from this ancient technology.

Kundalini yoga was introduced to the West by Yogi Bhajan and each class will gift you physical exercise to create optimal  health and flexibility as well as a meditation and deep relaxation.

We are  excited to be able to offer this class and hope you can come along and join us. Kundalini yoga is so interesting to practice as we always feel like our minds are clear and focused at the end of the class, our bodies are relaxed and  flexibility is improved. I  decided to learn to be a teacher in this style of yoga above others because it has a strong emphasis on peace and meditation as well as chanting and physical exercises that really target specific health and wellness aspects. It incorporates all eight aspects of yoga and is comprehensive and fun. This yoga has allowed me to go deep into my own self and connect with meditation and universal consciousness in ways that would not be possible with out these teachings for me.

Kundalini yoga is complementary to my work as a naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and health advocate and in the classes I will share with you the health benefits of each weekly Kriya to assist you with your wellness. The meditations and chanting are developed to specifically target health awarenesses and we offer you an opportunity for personal development and healing in each class if you chose to utilise the time with us in this way. We also offer you the community of yoga practice and this too is very healing and relaxing.

BYO Yoga Mat, water to drink and if you want to bring a blanket and pillows for comfort please do. In Kundalini yoga we wear white as it helps with energy and healing vibrations, we also wear head coverings. You are welcome to join us in this tradition if you want. Otherwise some comfortably dressed in loose clothing and be prepared for a beautiful class with myself and others who come.

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Peace, Light and Love

Sat Nam Dom xoxoox




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