Looking after ourselves with herbs try Dom’s green herby smoothie today!


MInt by Toto Looking after ourselves with herbs is really simple. 

Its about adding herbs into your diet in a way that tastes delicious and feels comfortable to you in your dietary routine.

In my latest book, THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE we have given you some simple and usable ways of adding herbs to your diet. As well as listing over 60 herbs that can be used in cooking that are truely medicinal.

Make yourself some herbal oils, vnegars, honeys, salts and use fresh herbs in salads, cooking, as garnishes and in drinks.

Here is my recipe for a delicious green smoothy that tastes divine, is perfect for digestion and can be used as a mono diet / detox for days on end. This drink can be heated for cooler days ( remember to keep it below 40 degrees for it to remain a raw food) and it can be chilled on warm days.

( This is not a recipe from my new book, however he book is full of yumminess and great recipes)

Green Herby Smoothie. 

One LIme, peeled and in segments

Three green apples already juiced.

A handful of fresh mint

A handful of fresh spinach, Rocket or Kale leaves.

A tablespoon of coconut oil

A pinch of sea salt

A sprinkle of Spirulina or other super green powder. and of course a knob of ginger or a clove of garlic depending on how you feel today!

Now, add the fresh apple juice to the blender with all other ingrdients and blend away. Drink this smoothie for a fabulous alkalising drink. Also the perfect detox food if you want to clear out old toxins and bring in fresh nutritious green energy. It is fresh, minty, naturally sweet and such a beautiful drink.

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THis combination of ingredients is truely food as medicine.

Enjoy. with love as always Dom xoxox