Make a lush raw salad and enjoy nutrition at its best

Make a lush raw salad and enjoy nutrition at its best

Make a lush raw salad and enjoy nutrition at its best

Make a lush raw salad today and enjoy nutrition at its best…. yes today….

Its easy.… you go out into your garden ( if you have one) and pick fresh  the most delish edible fruits, vegetables, weeds and herbs that you can find

If you don’t have a garden, then raid the fridge….. hopefully you have been shopping at the local farmers market and filled the larders with yumminess.

Last option of course is that the fridge is empty and you need to make a trip into town and get the required raw supplies. , perfect because your body will blissfully thank you for the kindness and you will select the fresh foods you are attracted to today…. and what foods we are attracted to are the ones that we need that day..

This pic is the salad I just made now, it was so good. The last week has been  intense with the medicineroom ..and we tend to eat away from home a lot when we  are preparing for events and attend a festival. We have just had a stall at the second Maleny Music festival and it was wonderful. The food was great as we had Spaghetti junction right next door, and my favorites from there are the pasta with pesto and parmie cheese, and of course the salmone Salad. Then our good friends the Upfront Club were nearby with the most divine pies on stall and they were very good. Not to forget the great coffees made by Totally Delicious, Spaghetti junction and the upfront club. Yes, we drank more than  our fair share of coffee. This was a great little festival and we will be back there next year. Come and join us… it was lots of fun….

So today, at home, half unpacked, everything is everywhere and I decided that all those gorgeous vegetables we have in the fridge need to arrange themselves in a salad. My liver said Thanks. So, we are very happy. Its nice to be back home and eating my simple foods again. This is just raw fruit straight from the fruit bowl, or tamarillo tree ( which we have in season right now) and tomorrow I will get out the juicer and make the most of the carrots, celery, lemons and garlic that are sitting around waiting for me to have a beautiful cleansing day. But today.. its raw salad and lots of beetroot.

The enzymes, co factors, antioxidants, cleansing beautiful energies and vitamins are why I love raw salads. They are the food that make me feel clean on the inside after so much work. I’m sure that eating raw salad wakes you up and gives you so much more energy too. When we eat a raw salad, we are getting all the fibre along with the nutrition, which is perfect to cleanse the digestive tract of accumulated toxins and wastes. Fibre also soaks up fatty acids in the system and helps remove excess wastage. and we all know that the best antioxidants in the world are fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. So, I feel blessed.

Here is my recipe for the raw salad I made just now. Of course you can make your own version anyway you want.  Serves two people lots of salad

2 raw beetroot cut into small pieces

1 handful of cherry tomoatoes ( kept whole)

1 red onion, sliced thin

1 big bunch of fresh herbs, we used mint, parsley and chives

1 handful of olives from the jar ( of course you can add other ingredients to make it delish, and we love olives) I also added some lovely french artichoke hearts sliced in quarters as they are my absolute favorite addition to any meal!

1 small chilli and two cloves of garlic diced

2 avocadoes, peeled and sliced.

The dressing was a splash of my favorite vinegar and a splash of local olive oil.

Toss and serve…

Just a note about keeping things original in your cooking. Its really nice to use your own ideas, your local ingredients, your own way of presentation and your own flavour sensations when you make any foods. I never follow recipes, ( even my own) because each day is different, each ingredient has its own character and all food tastes better when you do it your way!

Sat Nam and with love, light, peace and blessings


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