Relieve Stress. It’s possible with herbs and easy strategies by Dom

Its possible to control Stress calmlyYes, Its true, In the title we used the term ” easy Strategies” and we all need those to relieve stress. In this blog I am going to share with you some of the easiest and most successful ways to be calm, balanced and feel in control of your mind, body and spirit.

Its possible to stay calm and use easy strategies. 

The first rule of thumb with stress is that it is inevitable. Yes, we all feel it. However its what we do with it when it reaches our senses that counts. You are in control of our mind, your emotions and your responses to stress. Its totally your decision how you react. So, when you are confronted with stress, assess in your mind whether it is in your control or not? If it is in your control then that empowerment is often enough to help you assess what to do next.. and the best option here is to take a deep breathe, give yourself a minute and then choose your responses in the best possible way for yourself and those around you!

There are two ways to deal with stress. The first is the protective model, this is your way of solving the problem of stress.  where you know that stress is going to be there and then you plan for the stress andyou plan your best possible options to deal with it. This is the case when you are expecting a stressor and know that you will be effected by it. The B group vitamins are great to help protect your nervous system and buffer your body against stress. So is Hypericum the herb and other strategies such as our cognitive reactions, our perceptions of the stress, and recognising that how we respond has an impact on our own helath and wellbeing whatever the external environment offers us. Gather as much information as you can about the stress you expect to experience, set yourself some skills management goals and cope with it by direct action, breaking the stress down into managable pieces that you can cope with, avoid the stress if you need to, or withdraw yourself from the situation. This can help create a positive health outcome.

The second way is emotional focused strategies, this is where we have a glass of wine , a relaxing evening at home and beautiful hot baths before a good nights sleep. Our attempts to regulate our emotional responses. Meditation, cognitive methods to change our reaction to the stress. How we percieve the stress adn how we see ourselves being more comfortable and copingwith the situation. Gaining as much personal conrol and understanding as we can alongthe way.  Try to see the positive outcome,  reappraise the stressor as often as needed, as stress is a shifting situation and one response might not suit every occassion , or even the same situation as time moves on.  Selectively give it attention and divert it as needed, chant, pray or sing, swear at it in other languages so you need to think about wahtyou are saying and laugh at your sillyness. Create positive affirmations, call in social support networks and get help when needed. These strategies are great when the situation is unexpected, out of your control and potentialy damaging to you in any personal way. Do whatyou need to do, this is your response to stress.  Its even worth doing alittle analysis on yourself and observe how you  naturally respond to unexpected stress, daily stress, minor stress, major stress etc and then work out how you couold do it better for yourself in the future.

Looking after adrenal glands, helps here. herbs such as adaptogenics that work on your whole body are excellent. staying clear and focused is a great plan. Our herbal mind power is all about that. Its full of Brahmis, ginsengs and other yummy herbs to help you stay focused and dealing with heavy work loads and stressed situations in a cognitively powerful way. Hormones are importantwith stress , and we can help you especialy attime sin your life when you feel you are not as in control of stress as usual. This includes busy work schedules at stressful events, menopausal, exhausted, pregnant, PMT etc etc. There are times when we just need a littel Dom herbal love and we are here to talk with you, support you and develop strategies with you to cope.

If you are not in control of the situation, and you have assessed that. Then my advice is the same. Take a deep breathe, take a minute to think about it and then respond in the kindest way to yourself. Be gentle, be kind, be compassionate, be considerate and stay calm. That increased heart beat, the flutters of nervous system dysfunction, those crazy emotional eruptions and that mind in overload with cognitive stress all need to be told to ” Hold on, we need to relax here” and that is really the best way you can have an initial reaction to stress. Talk with someone you trust and that always help reduce stress. Maybe your perception of the situation can be reassessed and you will see a silver lining at he end of the tunnel. Or a benifit to the stress that would not have been there if the stress had not been there?

This is where stress herbs such as nervines and antidepressants really come home to a beautiful emotional strength. Our herbal stress ease with these classes of herbs really feels good to take and helps keep you calm and feeling centered. Herbs can be formulate dto suit wahtever you need to deal with in stress. It can be any aspect of your helath that is effected. The most important thing is that you are able to cope with the situation, you are able to focus on your life without that stressor being dominant and you are feeling positive. ( well thats my thoughts on it) because if we have these qualities, then the body will be healthier. and stress is known to make you sick.

Stop and think about it. Yes, stop and think about it. Calm your mind, breathe deeply, calm your breathing.( Repeat button on here)  In acute stress situations when you are hit with a surprise stressor this is often the biggest challenge, to stop the unconscious and often exacerbating stress response. In a chronic and long term stress situation you need to apply these strategies otherwise you will be a walking , talking , quivering mess. With increased risk factors to cardiovascular disease ( all that fast heart beating in stress) depression. ( all that crazy cognitive and nervous system activity) and burnout. Because you have done too much stress for too long and your body will eventually rebel. Create a positive mind set, identify the thought patterns taht create the stress in your mind an dchange them.

If you are under stress then your nervous system will be compromised and your mental activities will be compromised and your immunity will be compromised. So, breathe deeply and think clearly. Exercise and meditation are great instant relievers of stress and allow you to calm down for a time frame. So, go for a walk. Take three deep breathes and get on with the day. Do your yoga. and get plenty of rest.

Taking a good formula of herbs before bed can help you get a good nights sleep. Chat with me about the sleep formulas we can make for you. Good herbs here are the ones that work on the somatic ( in your conscious control) and autonomic ( out of your conscious control)  nervous system. Take 15ml before you climb in bed and if you wake up in teh night have some more.   If you are waking up in the middle of the night with a crowded mind then you can be sure the next day you will feel even more stressed than the day before. Mitigate, mitigate, and mitigate. Don’t turn on the light, your pineal gland is designed to recognise night and day and sleep wake patterns, its night, its dark, your body wants sleep. Leave the lights off, or have muted light at the most. Indulge in hot baths in the middle of the night, no food nor snacking when you wake up, do not get on the computer, don’t read a book, just take your herbs, have a drink of water or better still, make a flask of hot herbal relaxing tea and have that by your bed in case you wake up. Just lie there, count sheep… hahhaa. OK…. meditate, still your mind and remember that even this almost asleep position is giving yu rest and repair much better than worrieing about being awake. Try to be calm and enjoy the night in stillness and rest. You might be lucky and get back to sleep.

When your immunity is compromised with stress, then vulnerabilities come out. So, make sure you get your sleep. and that you get deep sleep every night. Otherwise the next day you will be feeling more stressed and you will be more vulnerable to sickness. Immunity boosting herbs really do help. If you are exposed to any illness or in an environment with a lot of stress, please call me and we can develop a good tonic to address your needs. We all know that genetic and environmental illness is more likely to rear its ugly head when we are stressed and our immunity is compromised.

Herbs of course are your first medicine and can act as a preventative for depression, anxiety, oxidative stress and also to help you sleep and get that rest you need. Herbs can balance the nervous system and assist you in recovery from illness, stress related conditions and overwork. So, exercise, walk, yoga, cook good foods, socialise, rest, meditate, laugh, sing, dance, play with children, play with everyone, play chess. Stay calm, share love, enjoy people, hang out with friends, make time to chat,

Breathe deeply, think deeply, learn deeply, stay in the moment, look after yourself, remember your passions, read a book, protest, take a photo, make a phone call, email a friend, go out to lunch, go out to dinner, go see a movie, make a movie, make love, make a garden, make a book, make anything that makes you happy, make a success of your life, make it happy.

Take your herbs. drink the good stuff, cook dinner with love, light a candle, light up your life.

and did I mention eat a great diet with nutrient rich foods and stay away from junkie sugary, processed options. 

Take care and have a great week. 

stay in control of your stress. 

talk with me if any of this resonates with you and you think we can help. 

Sat Nam and with love as always 

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