Wintertime Soups Sensational Ginger and Garlic Tastes.

Sensational Soups are really easy. Make some today. 

Here we have a delish winter soup to help you stay strong and boost your immunity. This is a great soup for when you feel sick and its also low in carbs, which is the best way to eat when you are not well. This is because low carb diets allow your body to eat toxins faster and the less you eat when you have the flu, the faster you will get better.

So, soup is the perfect food. Esp this one which gets that natural medicine of garlic and ginger and the specific vegetables straight to your body. This is  high in nutrients and perfect for a mono diet when you are slightly under the weather with winter ills.  A mono diet, is simply that, eating one food source for a day or longer until you are better. Its light on digestion and a great way to recover.


2 full bulbs of garlic peeled and seperated.

1 large knob of ginger washed and sliced in pieces

1 whole cauliflower washed and broken into segments

1 kilo carrots washed, peeled and sliced

3 brown onions peeled and sliced

1 x 400 ml tin of coconut cream

2 litres of good fresh stock or 2 litres of stock made up from powder or cubes.


Place all ingredients into a large stock pot, bring to boil and allow to simmer for one hour. Add extra stock or coconut milk if the liquid becomes too concentrated. This recipe wants to be cooked well, till very soft and mushy.   Then blend it all together and eat. Yumm. ( you need to blend this together as there is so much garlic and ginger in the recipe that you would scare anyone off eating it if they saw how much you had added. )

For extra flavour and medicinal value add whatever herbs and spices you like to the recipe. You may want to squeeze lemon juice over the soup as you eat it and add pepper, fresh chilli and finely sliced raw green herbs such as dill, fennel, parsley etc.

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With love as always 

Dom xoxoox
Ginger and Garlic Tastes in Winter Soiups

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