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Its July 1st and here is my update. 

Its day one. Good luck everyone.

We have over 80 people registered for July detox on Facebook with Dom. 

We are posting tips, ideas and replies on a regular basis. Go into facebook and accept event. Scroll this page to get link.

Love Dom xoox


Lets have a detox in July? A month of support from us here at the medicineroom to help you achieve your detox goals. All through the month of July we are focused of personally supporting you in your detox needs.

Its simple

You detox for a day, a weekend, a week, or a month and we support you with information, meal ideas, recipes and personal support.

Do you want to lower cholesterol levels? lose a bit of weight? give up smoking or other bad habits? have a raw food detox? a juice cleanse? a wholesome vegetarian detox plan? Then this is a great opportunity to do out July Detox with us. Simply wee offer you the support you need to help you stay on track and achieve your detox goals.

We have herbal detox kits to get you really on track. Research shows that if you take specific herbal medicines targeted to your specific detox issues, then you get a better result than just diet and exercises alone. The detox kits are priced  from $30 so are very affordable and tailored to your needs.

If you are interested please email our event on facebook here.

Choose your support plan. 

Weight loss, fatty acid and  cholesterol  detox, this involves targeting fatty acids in the body and aiding their removal with diet and herbs.

Chemical, bad habits  and parasite detox This involves cleansing your body of the substances and strengthening your nutritional profile plus strengthening the nervous system

Liver. kidney, gall bladder and digestive cleanse detox. This is a general all around awesome detox plan where you are going to target the above organs and detox them of poisons, toxins and re energise your body.

Higher awareness and releasing the old detox plan All detox plans help us move forward mentally and physically, however this plan is targeted to help us open up the new, release the old and help us move forward on a cellular level, mentally, emotionally and physically and specifically target our own ideals of how we want to operate personally.

How much will it cost ? 

It doesn’t have you cost you anythiing. No need to add anything but the commitment and get the support. Join our event on facebook, thats free, chat with people online and we will help you. Simple. However herbs really do help and our herbal formulas are targeted to help you detox beautifully. If you want some then we will send them and you will love the herbal support.

Two day detox kit for one person is $30

One week  to two weeks is $50  and one month is $100 for the herbs.

If you want a copy of my books please add another $25 each.

Freight is $12.50 flat rate.

You will need to buy your dietary  foods on top of the herbs

Please contact us

mobile 0409 765033

with love as always Dom xoxox



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