Lycopene is a super antioxidant in Tomotoes


Feeling like you need an antioxidant boost? 

Make some good old fashioned Tomotoe soup/ sauce. I know its not the best time of year to be talking about fresh tomotoes if you live down south. However here in Queensland, we have them all year around and its the perfect winter soup/ sauce to keep everyone strong and feeling awesome. And  our friends in Europe, summer is just begining, so its tomatoe time.

In my book The Wellness Zone and also in my new Book The Magic of Food as Medicine. I go into the technical details of lycopene. However here, I will say this. Lycopene is just like your own blood’s coat of armour.. It acts in the same way as good strong healthy blood antioxidant cells and really is attracted to your blood for healing. So, if you want to build up your blood, get strong and boost your immunity fast. Then this is a warm, wintery , and yummy contributory factor.


Lycopene is the super antioxidant in cooked tomotoes. Its recommended to take lycopene in your diet a couple of times a week to protect and strengthen your blood. Conditions such as prostate disease and many oxidative stress, body conditions are relieved with the addition of cooked tomatoes in the diet. If you have a sore throat, the flu, or just feel over tired. Do your body a favor and make some fresh tomato soup or sauce and enjoy! Please note Lycopene is not bio available in raw tomatoes. You need to cook them. And also you can have as much as you like. To eat this soup/ sauce in  the evenings and keep your evening diet light is beneficial to your health aiding the natural cleansing processes that happen in our body when we sleep.

Heres a recipe from me.
Take 2 kg of fresh yummy vine ripened tomatoes and wash well. Pop in saucepan with 1 litre of good stock of your choice. ( I prefer the vegetable stock with lots of herbs in it) Then add garlic to taste and also a splash of white cooking wine.
Now bring to the boil and cook for about thirty minutes.
Blend it together. Taste and see if its to your liking.
Now additions can be,
1. fresh grated ginger, diced green herbs, lemon juice, chilli, a splash of honey, a dash of vodka. or you can add a dollop of sour cream, or fresh cream. A sprinkle of super powers like brewers yeast, or spirulina. You can even add nuts, gogi berries, seeds and other delicacies to this soup.
2. Make it a sucae and toss through some of your favorite precooked pasta or rice. Add some cooked lentils,chick peas, raw salad greens or grated beetroot and make it a delish sauce to have with your other ingredients for s perfect rice, pasta, lentil or vegetarian meal.

3. If you absolutely can not get hold of decent fresh tomotoes that look fabulousy red and healthy, then buy some local , low salt tinned ones and use them instead. or  use tomatoe paste. ( low salt version)

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