Medicine Room June Winter Schedule

Here is our Schedule for June 

The MedicineRoom will be open for free phone and email consultations between Tuesday and Saturday each week. Please call us or email for assistance.

We also have our free  clinic at The Eumundi Markets every Weds and Saturday in the Month of June.

Dom will be away on Saturday the 15th June and Weds the 26th June.  These dates we offer our beautiful herbal medicines, balms, books and perfumes on stall but no personal formulas will be dispensed unless ordered prior to market  I will be at all other clinics. We open at 7am and finish clinics at 1pm.  No appointments taken at Eumundi Markets. Please arrive at your convenience.  Please note the School holidays in Queensland start on June 21st.

phone 0409 765033 for details of stall location.


medicineroom winter schedule