Dom’s syrups are sugar free and delish. Make our winter health syrup today.

In My latest book. ” THE MAGIC OF FOOD AS MEDICINE” you will recognise this picture from our ” Sensational Syrups” section. I have adapted traditional family french syrup recipes into sugar free delights that are so delish and perfect this wintery season.

To make a good syrup I always marinate the fruit in honey and some boiling water over night and then bring it to the boil in the pot. and strain the fruit off. That is the basic concept and you can work out your proportions of sugar and honey depending on the percentages of natural fruit sugars in each fruit. This is seasonal of course, and the general rule is that the more ripe the fruit, the less added sweetness you need.

I always add herbs, essential oils and spices to my syrups to give them a special edge. Yumm. I just love a tang of salt, a twist of ginger, a divine scent and flavour of lavender or rose. It just makes the syrup special.

Syrups are healthy. They are excellent for everyone in the family and you can add specific fresh and dried herbs to make them into truely medicinal tonics. The ones that stand out in my mind are violet flower syrup, rose hips and lavender. I just love the super antioxidant benefits of the berry syrup, and Lemon syrup is amazing to help ward off winter colds. The taste of traditional and medicnal Garlic syrup with ginger and honey is a true medicine and every house needs a bottle of this in the kitchen through winter to help our cough, cold and flu relief go down your throat in a soothing and delish manner.

Right now the strawberries are coming in season and the citrus fruit is in full swing. Make some syrups today and enjoy the lasting seasonal tastes in your home throughout the year. They preserve really well.

How to make Garlic, Ginger and Honey Syrup 

Take 1 kilo garlic bulbs cleaned and peeled.

1 kilo of ginger root fresh, cut into 1cm pieces and cleaned.

500 grams raw, fresh , honey.

Marinate all together with 1 litre of boiling hot water in saucepan over night.

Add another 3 litres of water next day and bring to boil. Boil for 60 minutes until syrup reduced by 50% in pan.

Cool, filter off liquid and pour into bottles to store in fridge.

Add 1/3 syrup to 2/3 cup boiling hot water and drink as medicinal winter tonic when you are sick.

Or add 15ml syrup to 15ml herbal extract of cough, cold and flu relief.

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Sat Nam and with love as always Dom xoxo


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