July MedicineRoom Schedule with Dom and some exciting news about upcoming events

Hello lovelies, I trust you are keeping warm and happy through the Wintery months here down under. Its been gorgeous on the Sunshine Coast. Some days of full sun and cold nights. I have been enjoying sitting on the verandah for days on end, on the lounges, with my lap top, writing, chatting with patients on the phone, working on some awesome projects in health promotion and being so grateful for this beautiful place where we live on the mountain in Queensland.

July Schedule: I will be at Eumundi Markets every Saturday for my free clinics and dispensing services.  The medicineroom will also be at Eumundi on the first and second Weds with Alex my assistant looking after the stall for your balms, books, nectars and herb pick up and general services.


Have you tried our Chilli Balm. Its beautiful with Chilli, Hypericum, Gotu Kola, Black pepper and Basil. Its warming for joints, sore backs and really yummy on your chest, shoulders, spine and feet. Available at our stall and also in selected shops. You can also buy it online at our online shop


Medicineroom web site where you can buy our chilli balm 100gm $25 ( link here)

Add the date of September 14th to your Diary . We have the 6th ALL WELL AND GOOD DAY at Eumundi Markets. I am coordinating the day this year for the first time, with the wonderful market management and staff. Usually I help out lots, but this year I have been blessed to co ordinate the program and organise the day generally. If you want to be involved please contact me asap and let me know. Its a fabulous health day and we are having free yoga sessions, all day, free workshops in so many wonderful health areas.  Five Stages running all morning with full activities for all the family. And it is all free, free , free with so much community dedication from the team at Eumundi Markets. Come and see what amazing health activities and practitioners are there all the time. Plus we have invited some others to enhance the day. Street performances to make you laugh and hug everyone, its all about the love.

 From 8am till 1pm We have speakers discussing awesome health issues, community groups and sports clubs and dancing sessions and chanting and just about everything you would find at the best festivals on health.  Tai chi, Chi Gong, demonstations, discussions,and opportunities to participate in many activities. Plus the trail of over 40 stalls dedicated to health and wellness. The Market kitchen will be running with healthy cooking demos all morning and we have some world class musicians playing music, assisting in workshops and not to mention drumming, cycling, surfing, wrestling, kids fun, free entertainment and a treasure hunt. That is my latest health project and its all locally based from the Sunny Coast and some good people from Brisbane coming to help us out. We do need stage managers, and Angels to help on the day. So, if you want to help us, there is a reward for you. Call me 0409 765033, and please leave a message. I like messages, better than missed calls. This will be such a fun day. Its times like this that I am so grateful for all the expericnce I have been getting with health promotion over the years and my studies at uni. September 14th. Make a date for Eumundi Markets.

And… an amazing raffle prize just for coming! Its all a big surprise for you now, But soon we will release the program and you will be as excited as us!

Ok, enough of my latest project…. its all so much enjoyment working and my work /personal balance is pretty good. I do get two days off a week. Sunday and Monday. So the rest of the week is happily dedicated to working. I feel like there is so much extra space now that uni is finished and I have completed my masters in public health/health promotion last month……. I love working, working making the medicines and balms and perfumes, working writing my books and projects, working on health promotions and my special events, especially Woodford Folk Festival which is another date to pop in your diary December 27th till January 1st. And you can pay off tickets online. Not to mention yoga and all that healthy exercise. I hope you get some exercise in your day? make time to move as much as possible, Do what you love and make sure its everyday.

In The MedicineRoom we are always formulating and developing new ideas. At the moment we have been focusing on our JULY DETOX MONTH This is where we support you in a detox process for the month. if you go ( link here)  facebook medicineroom page to our facebook page you can join us. We now have over 100 people participating. Its fun. Try a detox for a day, a weekend, a week , or the whole month of July. We will support you and help you get helathy, cleanse and lose that bit of weight you want to eliminate, break that bad habit, detox from that  toxin and generally feel better. Please contact me if you want support




Ok, So I need to let you know that in October I am going away with Kev from the 6th until the begining of November. Alex will be managing the Medicineroom for me during this time. However if you have formulated herbal blends from me, you may want to order enough to get you through until I return. I will away and I will be emailing and collecting messages and sending order details back to Alex to process. However, I would really only be doing this one day a week for that four weeks and there will be delays in orders . Thanks fro your understanding. No need to change your plans, we are still able to help you, I just want you to know my plans and that there may be delays.

Have a great month and take good care

With love Dom xooxx

0409 765033

07 54457381

Open for medicineroom services from Tuesday to Saturday weekly