yummm. How do you start your day? Try Dom’s divine Breakfast recipe for energy and wellness

I am a coffee girl.. Yes a double shot flat white on local cows milk is a great treat each morning. However I don’t start my day like that… My day starts way earlier than coffee time. My day starts with a glass of water and yoga, then a cup of tea, sometimes chai, sometimes herbal, sometimes black, sometimes green.

Then its breakfast time, and this is what I want to share with you in my blog today. I don’t like heavy foods, and I love sweetness, fruits and nuts in the morning. I am known to eat delish raw cakes and even honey swished baklava in the morning. Juices are always good, however we all know how wonderful they are, and this blog is not dedicated to the juice. It is dedicated to the dried fruits and nuts that I make into the most delish breakfast that is so fast and yummy.and my mainstay breakfast when I’m at home.

Dom’s Divine Morning breakfast  

To make this recipe you need to use your eye for measurement. The base  recipe is divided into three sections. 1/3 dried fruit, 1/3 dried treats, 1/3 dried raw nuts. Then when you have made the base you pop that in the pantry or fridge and add your morning delights to the recipe. This recipe contains everything that I love about simple fresh breakfasts.It is delicious, crunchy, sweet, soft, nutritious, doesn’t clash with coffee in my digestive tract and it is raw, fresh and seasonal.

The Base recipe

Depending on how much you want to make,  I make it by the kilo. One and a half  kilos is good as that fits in a big jar and you will eat this within a week or two, so you can always ensure fresh ingredients and a healthy mix.

I added 100 grams of dried cranberries

100 grams diced dried dates

100 grams diced dried apple

100 grams dried goji berries

100 grams dried citrus peel such as grapefruit, lemon, orange

100 grams sunflower seeds

100 grams pumpkin seeds

100 grams dried coconut meat

100 grams activated raw mayan cacao

100 grams macadamia nuts crushed a little

100 grams  raw pine nuts

100 grams  raw brazil nuts

100 grams  raw slithered almonds.

100 grams raw cashew nuts

Now, you can alter this of course depending on your tastes and what dried fruits and nuts you have available. I just loved this combination when I made it today.

Next you mix it all up in a big bowl and then scoop into glass jars and pop on lids. Place in pantry or fridge and you are almost ready for breakfast.



This is what the base recipe looked like for me today. It will change colour and presentation depending on your choice of ingredients.

Now to add your morning delightsi

I add 1/3 of the base mixture to

either 1/3 cup of natural yoghurt

or 1/3 cup of fresh fruit juice.

Plus I add 1 tablespoon of chia seeds per person. sprinkled over the top.

and I add fresh fruit. Usually the ratio here again is 1/3 fruit, 1/3 yoghurt or juice and 1/3 base mix with the chia seeds. This is my favorite breakfast at home and I know you will love it too.


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Take care and have a great day

with love and blessings, peace , light, joy and delicious breakfast wishes

Dominique Finney

MHLTH Prom, BHlth Sc , ND.