Dominique in Noosa Style Living on the Elixir of Life

Noosa Style LivingInterviewed by Helen Flannagan in the latest edition of Noosa Style Living out now, Dominique Finney talks about her holistic family carbon-neutral lifestyle, her books and herbal balms business .

“The farm, which is on top of the mountain in a beautiful natural environment, is run by Kevin. We are carbon neutral, operate on solar power for hot water, have eco LED lighting and use minimal equipment. In the herbal dispensary I make high quality therapeutic and organic herbal medicines using ingredients sourced directly from growers. In addition we manufacture beautiful herbal skin balms, perfumes and creams. Everything is sold through our client base and sent around Australia and overseas.”

Dominique also discusses her latest book “The Magic of Food as Medicine” and her commitment to the Pahai Alloi Trust in India.

“No kitchen is complete without it. I do like the flavours of fresh herbs and ingredients blended with traditional recipes. At home I cook with fresh local food and avoid anything processed.” A project close to Dominique’s heart is the Pahai Alloi Trust in India. The supply and sale of lip balms affords a nurse, homeopath, midwife and all homeopathic medicine for six villages across Western Bengal.

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